SKR Siya Ke Ram 4th October 2016 Written Episode Updates Recap: Rishi Says Ram To Remarry

Siya Ke Ram

That man who blamed Sita comes to Ram. He says forgive me as i blamed Sita. Ram remembers Kush’s words and becomes sad. Luv said that you cannot regret. Man says i have did sin and i am not able to live so punish me. Ram takes her up and says past things are not meant to regret and we have to see present and live within it. Whatever we did we have to bear circumstances according to them. Ram says i had done mistake. He says i never felt bad of you and today you repreted for what you did. He assures him that i never blamed you for all this and go home.

Siya Ke RamHe says you are great Ram. He folds his hands and says i request you to bring Sita back. He says i want Sita to become queen of this Ayodhya. He requests. Ram becomes sad. Kush says i cannot believe that Ram loves his wife. But he sent his wife to Nirjal van. He says if he thought of Sita then he would fight with world. Valmiki says when we dont know what is truth then we should not make perceptions. What all you heard is not truth and we should understand truth and then decide. Kush says we cannot consider Ram as ideal husband. Sita comes and slaps him.

Sita says why you are behaving like this. Luv says you are becoming angry on us because of Ram as our heart is not accepting Ram. Sita becomes shocked. They leaves. She says she was feared of this. Maruti thinks he wanted to see Luv and Kush meet with their father but this is wrong. Ram says i lost my life when she left Rajbhawan. He cries seeing idol of Sita. Ram looks at sindoor. Kaushalya says there is no use of this. Ram says Sita applied this everyday. Kaushalya says you left Sita after listening to people and now everyone is wants to see Sita back again. She says you have to do something. Ram says no i am unable to do anything without Sita. He says what i did wrong with Sita is not letting me die neither live. Lakshman comes.

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