SKR Siya Ke Ram 5th October 2016 Written Episode Updates Video: Sita’s Soul Goes To Ram

Siya Ke Ram

Ayodhya’s soldiers comes and tells that Ram has organised Ashwamedh yagya. Sita thinks how can Ram do this yagya and he cannot do this. Ram says this is impossible and i cannot marry again. Saint says this is ritual and you should.marry. saint says this marriage will be for people of Ayodhya and why cannot you marry again. Ram says you are saying right but marriage is union of two souls and marriage if of a man and then a king. Saint says a man and King is thinking right but this is right and you have to marry.

Siya Ke RamSita talks to mata and asks can a man do ashwamedh yagya without wife. She tells that no a king cannot do this and he has to do second marriage and its compulsory. Sita gets heart broken. Sita thinks Ram has done second wedding. Maruti looks at her. Sita goes and cries in front of idol of Ram. She says you promised me and how can you break that promise and if this mean that you made me out from your heart. Maruti listens. She asks if he thought that i am impure. Ram also cries and says everybody wants that i should make you out of the heart but nobody knows that if you reside in my heart only till then i am alive.

Sita comes to him. He imagines her. She says i prayed that every decision should be in favour of people. Ram says i will take that decision. Valmiki asks what happened. Maruti tells Sita is disturbed after listening to Ashwamedh yagya. He goes in and sees Sita lying on ground unconscious. Valmiki says i know that you are doubting Ram and it will eradicate when you will see truth of Ram. Maruti says i have to go to Ayodhya. Mandvi says if Ram will take decision then Existence of Sita will be vanished. Urmila says no one thought that Ram will leave Sita. Lakshman says he did this because of people and we all are guilty of this. Urmila says Sita will feel so bad if she will know this. Hanuman goes to Kaushalya.

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