SKR Siya Ke Ram 5th September 2016 Written Episode Updates Recap Online: Sita Will Give Agni Pariksha

Siya Ke Ram

Everyone says jai Vibhishan. Vibhishan sits on rajgaddi. Everyone greets him. Mandodri gives raj mukut to Ram. Kaikesi becomes happy. Vibhishan says we have to go to Ashok Vatika to meet Sita. Lakshman says he will get Ram. Ram stands aside shore of sea. His soul comes and says he has to come to protect. Ram says whose protection. Soul says what Sita calls him. He says Raghunandan. Soul says he came here to protect Raghukul. Ram becomes shocked. He says no she is my wife and soulmate. She never left me and never asked me to do wrong and without Sita , Ram is nothing. Soul says There is no doub in this but remember this is time when he has to realise that he is a king which inspires whole territory. He has to protect Dharam. He says this is the time of biggest test. Lakshman comes there and says everyone is going Ashok Vatika and everyone is waiting for you.

Siya Ke Ram

Ram says ask Sita that he wants to meet her. Lakshman says what happened. Lakshman goes to Sita. Sita becomes so happy to see him. She runs towards him. Lakshman greets her and smiles. She says she is so happy to see him. He says Ram asked for permission to meet her. Sita says she is waiting from so much time and she asks Lakshman to bring Ram. Trijata says she will bring aarti thali. Sita says when Ram will come you should be with me. Trijata says yes she will come early. Lakshman says Sita has permitted. Everyone goes to Ashok Vatika. Sita searches Ram but he was not there. Ram comes from behind.

Ram comes with grief on his face. Sita cries. Everyone smiles. Ram signs Hanuman. Hanuman says we should leave Ram and Sita alone for some time. Everyone goes. They both walks towards each other. Ram takes up his hand and Sita holds his hands. Flowers falls. Ram goes back and he thinks he is not merely a husband but king of Raghukul. He calls Sita as Devi and says because of him she has to go to forest and then he took so much of time to get her back. Till now you were tied with me but today i free you. Sita becomes shocked. He says from today she is independent and except Ayodhya she can go anywhere. If she wants then she can stay in Lanka. Trijata also becomes shocked to see. Ram says you cannot come with me to Ayodhya. Sita asks why. Trijata goes out and tells everyone that Ram is saying Sita cannot go with him.

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