SKR Siya Ke Ram 7th October 2016 Written Episode Updates Recap: Laxman Got Injured And Fainted

Siya Ke Ram

Kush says we have not done anything wrong and wherever this horse will go then that land will be of Ram. Luv says its good we caught this land. He asks him to tell Sita. Kush says we should not tell her as she become angry. Maruti sees everything. He becomes shocked that they captured horse and this will lead in enemity with Ram. Ram and Saint talks. Saint says you did good by organising Ashwamedh yagya. Kaushalya comes and asks to come for dinner. Ram thinks. Lakshman asks if they got to know about horse. Soldier says horse is seen to go to Valmiki ashram. Ram says till Sita is not with me then this pooja is not worth to me. Sita comes and says i was reason for sadness and this joy is because of me also.

Siya Ke RamSo why Ram is thinking that she is far. Ram smiles. Sita says this smiles suits you. She goes. Ram stops her. Sita smiles. Luv and kush meets Maruti. Maruti sayz you did wrong and you should not have done this. Do you know what will be its results and you will be enemy of Ram. He asks do you know how powerful is he and he defeated all powerful warriors. Kush says we also want to see Ram can take this horse from us or not. Maruti asks Sita to come with him. Sita says first take this prashad. Maruti says Luv and Kush are not listening to me. A lady tells Sita that Ayodhya is joyous as first day in Ayodhya is finished.

Maruti thinks may be this is because of destiny and then Ram and Sita will meet again. He thinks not to tell Sita. He takes prashad and says i will distribute this. Sita thinks Maruti was about to tell something. Lakshman calls Maruti and asks have you seen Ashwamedh yagya’s horse. He says no. He gives Lakshman the prashad. Kush says Ram is doing ashwamedh yagya and if this is right that King will own land. Sita says this is not for rights and for joy of the people. Kush says i dont know why Ram did this pooja with idol of Sita and this means that he accepted Sita. Maruti thinks today they are talking right. Sita shouts and says i will not listen against Ram.

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