SKR Siya Ke Ram 9th September 2016 Written Episode Updates Video: Ram Gets Nightmare

Siya Ke Ram

Urmila sleeps and Lakshman goes to him.she doesnot wakes up. He prays to Nindra devi and says fourteen years Vanvas has ended now and the sleep which he gave her that should be returned to him. He gains his sleep and Urmila wakes up. She opens her eyes. Urmila sees Lakshman says Swami you returned back. Lakshman goes to her and smiles. Ram goes to idol of Dashrath. He says forgive me as he has to follow his promise and now he is guilty that he cannot fulfill his last wish but today according to rituals he is free from all promises of Kaikeyi. Kaushalaya cries. Bharat goes to him and says you should also free me up from burden. He asks Ram to take over burden of territory. Urmila comes there. Everyone gets happy to see her. Urmila cries seeing Sita.

Siya Ke Ram

Sita says you followed Patni Dharam as i went with Ram and you did this. Shatrughan says we should do Rajyaabhishek of Ram. He asks when will that day come when everyone will dance and become happy. Saint says tomorrow is right time. Everyone becomes joyous. People of Ayodhya dances. Everyone says we should lighten up this Ayodhya. They lights up many diyas. Everyone says Jai siya Ram. Saint does rajya abhishek of Ram. They pours milk on him. Sumitra and Kaikeyi sees jewelry. Kaikeyi asks how will these look on Ram. Kaushalya says they are so good. People says today is Rajyaabhishek of Ram and we should be present there. Shatrughan and Bharat makes Ram ready.

Urmila makes Sita ready with new clothes and jewelry. Sita looks herself in mirror. Vibhishan and everyone comes with Ram. He goes to Throne and everyone follows him. Everyone says Jai Siya Ram. Saint asks Ram to sit on throne. Sita and Ram sits on throne. A person makes faces. He thinks how Shatrughan sent his daughter for vanvas. He says This kul also has spots like moon. He blames Sita and taunts them.

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