Smallest Full Moon of 2016 Tonight: Watch Live

smallest moon

Space watchers all around the globe will be awaiting to see the moon on April 22, 2016, as this day will witness a phenomenon called ‘Mini Moon’ which is known for appearing once in every fifteen years.

On the full moon day today, our natural satellite will be appearing in a much lesser size than normal.

Today, by 09.35 PM IST, moon will be at apogee; the farthest point in its orbit around the earth. According to experts, moon will be around 4,06,350 km away from the earth. On normal days, moon is 3,84,000 km away from our planet.

Debiprosad Duari, Director of M P Birla Planetarium told that as the moon is at apogee, we will see it in a much smaller size compared to normal full moons. Unfortunately, sky gazers will not be able to view the ‘Mini Moon’ phenomenon to the fullest due to daylight at 10.55 AM.

You can also watch the April full moon webcast on here

At night, the view of Mini Moon will be a share lighter.

Earlier, many reports in Internet claimed that Mini Moon will feature our satellite in pink or green color. But space experts have confirmed that nothing like this is going to happen, and our moon will remain in its silvery pearl color.

According to experts, Mini Moon can be considered as the opposite of Super Moon. During the time of Mini Moon, it will appear 14 percent less than its average size. The celestial body gains its maximum size during Super Moon.

The next time, Mini Moon will appear on December 2030.

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