Smartphone Battle ‘Google Pixel Vs Oneplus 3’: Google Shows Up As The “Game Changer”!


Google latest launched smartphone flagship has brought some smashing results and market rivalry and all the smartphones are trying their best to attain the level which the Google has achieved by his Pixel and Pixel XL.

These two smartphones are already in the for being as powerful and updated to gets its comparison with Apple’s iPhone 7 which is also a latest launched in the smartphone segment. The smartphone is now gets compared to the another smartphone brand which will be having some very high-end features like Google’s Pixel. The smartphone are being compared on a very high note and it is given below:

pixel_vs_oneplus-3First one is Google Pixel, which is released after months of expectations and speculations, while there were a number of leaks before the release and they seems to be quite exact, and that surprises the most to the on-lookers for the gadget. Both the gadgets have some very amazing features and specifications, whether it’s the built, design or processor, but the Oneplus is quite in the price segment than Pixel.

So the biggest question which arises in the minds of the buyers that is it actually justified buying a much higher priced smartphone with similar specs to a lower budgeted smartphone?

The answer seems to be answered below:
1. While the Google get a hand from HTC for developing its design and it has actually worked out, as the use of metal and glass design is quite impressive this time and a two-tone finish on the back is also to look out for, while there is no camera bump on the back side, sleek edges and classic side look compared to other phones.

While the pixel comes in two sizes ranging from a 5inch version to 5.5-inch version and also features the whole new feature of fingerprint scanner on the backside of the camera, while the comparison of the design is somehow compared to the HTC One A9.

While in the Oneplus, which is sporting backplate with a dual antenna on the top and bottom. While there is also a home button which makes for a more conscious navigation, which also eschews the home button in favor of navigation button which is built into the software, while when the fingerprint scanner gets on the work.

gooel-pixelOne plus got the point in this manner because of faster working in scanning. There is not much of difference in the size because OnePlus comes in at 5.5 inches, matching the Pixel XL, and weighs 158g – 15g more than the 5-inch Pixel and 10g less than the Pixel XL.

The most amazing thing is that there is the difference in both the versions of Google Too, in terms of screen resolution. Because Google Pixel is having a full HD screen while the Pixel XL is sporting a Quad HD display, as the difference is not that much noticeable to the user, but still there is difference, because these are the first ever enabled device to VR and especially the first handsets that will work with Google’s new Daydream VR platform.

While the Oneplus comes with the same 1,080 x 1,920 resolution as the smaller Pixel, and it’s also not going to work with Daydream VR. But still, it sports a great screen, however, as is the 5-inch Pixels. Both The companies have used AMOLED tech in the displays which simply means you’ll get deeper blacks and much better energy efficiency than you would with an LCD panel.

While in the Processor comparison the result is not very straight: OnePlus is having the positive side in this as they are providing the latest version of the hardware, but at a very reasonable price, and this is the third of the company’s flagships certainly delivers in that department.

The OnePlus 3 sports a Snapdragon 820, the same chip powering the HTC 10 and many Galaxy S7 models, and a smashingly fast 6GB of RAM, while the phone is going to provide actually very fast processing to the user.

Google, in this part, has gone a step ahead and put up a new Snapdragon 821 processor in the device. The new Qualcomm chip reportedly comes with a 10% boost in performance speed over the 820 but it’s still a claim from the company side, but it lacks the potential as there’s only 2GB less than on the OnePlus.

When it comes to terms of storage, OnePlus gives you a decent storage of about 64GB while Google offers two version from which one is 32GB and another is 128GB on its Pixel phones. While the most Unfortunate news is that, neither handset comes with expandable storage, so there’s is not a choice for expanding the memory in both the smartphones whether you go with OnePlus or Google.

While in terms of software the Pixel has taken down Oneplus as Pixel is having the latest Android Nougat 7.1 version of Android which is very much in demand while the Oneplus is still using the Marshmellow.

Camera quality which is the must watched thing in the smartphones right now:
The Google has done some quite great homework on the camera as both the 5-inch and 5.5-inch model come with a 12.3-megapixel offering that features a decent f/2.0 aperture with a 1.55µm pixel size and it sounds like a suitably top-end setup that should ensure good shots.
OnePlus 3.

Although the 16-megapixel camera sounds much better than the 12-megapixels which are being offered on the Pixel and the Galaxy S7, we found in our tests that the shooter, although excellent, wasn’t quite up there with Sammy’s offering. Still, it’s a great camera that produces photos with natural colors and superb contrast.

Both the Pixel and OnePlus 3 are also capable of shooting 4K video, and both come with an 8-megapixel front-facing camera, so your perfectly posed selfies should look magnificent.

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