SNS Saath Nibhana Saathiya 19th November 2016 Written Episode Updates: Mangesh To Make Another Plan

Saath Nibhana Saathiya

Gopi warns Radhika and Mangesh and says the day i will find the proofs against you then you both will be beside the jail. Radhika throws knife and it sticks on door. Gopi becomes shocked. Radhika goes to her and stares. She says i am known as Chaku rani and i can target by closing eyes and i have never missed my target and if you keep going like this then i will stab this knife and then knife will come out of your head. Kokila talks to Urvashi and says we should make list of guests.Urvashi says everything is alright. Mangesh comes with painters.

Saath Nibhana SaathiyaHe says we should paint this house. Gopi says we don’t need this. Mangesh says this is house of the wedding and everything should be nice. Urmila says there is something mysterious. Mangesh asks what happened Urmila are you having allergy with paints. Jaggi says yes paint this wall and make colourful. He asks why Gopi is sad with my marriage and asks her to be happy. Urmila says leave this and Jaggi will not understand. Urvashi says she prayed for a long time so that Jaggi will get married to a good girl and now this has become truth and we got a good girl and good relatives.

Urmila thinks Urvashi is mad and she cannot see whats happening. Radhika comes and holds bucket of paint. Meera talks to Dharam and he becomes happy. Chanda becomes worried. Meera goes to her and asks what happened why you did not come for breakfast. Chanda remains quiet. Chanda says we have double responsibility and now demands will be doubled. Meera and Vidya gets tensed. Chanda says if you have problem then i will take one child and give only one child. Meera says please don’t do this and we did according to you and you cannot do this. Meera bows down on legs and says please don’t do this and i will give you everything you want. Chanda blackmails Meera.

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