“SNS” Saath Nibhana Saathiya {Latest Spoiler Update}: Nayya’s Plan To Seperate Dharam & Meera!

Saath Nibhana Saathiya is marking as one of the biggest and most remarking show in the Indian Tv history is going to have some major twists in the upcoming time too. While Jaggi which is being portrayed by Mohammad Nazim is helping Gopi and has saved her from Mansi, who was a threat to her life since a very long time and also tried earlier to kill her by a gun.

Saath Nibhana SaathiyaBut the bullet misses Gopi and she was saved from the bullet. Jaggi is very guilty because according to him he was the reason behind whatever is happening to Gopi and he helps her by taking her to the hospital. In the previous episode we saw that Gopi is all right and now he is back to home too from the hospital. Jaggi who falls in love with Gopi also takes care of her.

While Jaggi’s mother Urvashi has entered the Modi’s house and claims her relation with Kokila’s husband which is not known to anyone. As everyone is worried about what will go to happen as Kokila has promised to not stay in the home after Urvashi will going to come back into the home.

But before Kokila goes from there Gopi stops her. Meanwhile, Jaggi will go to help Gopi to get her divorce from Dr.Krishna and for this, he makes a deal with Pramila. The conditions as that if Krishna will going to give divorce to Gopi then they will going to release Mansa from jail. So the melodrama of Raheja family will go to end up soon in the Saath Nibhana Saathiya.

While on the other side, Naya will be seen plotting the plans to make a fight between Meera and Dharam so that she will separate them. She actually creates misunderstandings between them by creating a link of Meera to Ritesh.

But this will not go to work as Nayya’s plans and bad deeds will get disclosed soon at her marriage with Prakash. Now Meera and Dharam will going to start their new life from a new point and will go to start like new. But something is going on in Meera’ mind as she decides to go for surrogacy, and she will going to start convincing Dharam for the decision.

Meera is still unaware that she can conceive Dharam, and it was Nayya’s plan to ruin Meera’s life forever. Nayya has asked Dr. Rithika to make a fake report on Meera’s pregnancy. It has to be seen if Meera gets to know the truth. Some news has also confirmed that Gaura which is being portrayed by Vandana Pathak will go to make a comeback as she will be out of jail soon.

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