Some Memorable Moments From MTV Splitsvilla 9 Journey, Checkout Who Is The Winner of Season 2016


Splitsvilla 9, a show host by hot Sunny Leone and ex-roadie Rannvijay came to end with such a beautiful journey of love, life, survival, friendship, betrayal etc. The show had an amazing journey from June 11, 2016, to October 1st, 2016. The very first trailer of Splitsvilla season 9 was aired on`May 15, 2016. Let’s have a look at what we saw in the Splitsvilla 9 up till now, before the final episode of season 9.

splitsvilla-9Season 9 of Splitsvilla came with a theme this time “Where Women Rule”, where we saw the girls ruling the reality show. So that is why Season 9 featured 15 celebrity boys and 6 beautiful girls, who came to find their true love. This season of Splitsvilla started with the introduction of the boys,  few of them were from the previous season of Roadies. It was also announced in the same episode that there will be no king this time which means no power for boys. There will only be Queen, who decide whom days are over in the villa.

Along with 15 boys and 6 princesses, there were also 5 wild card entries in the villa, 2 boys and 3 girls.

Splitsvilla semi-final and Winner Prediction

Obviously, this game is about elimination and surviving till the last and just so happened. One by one every boy and princess left the villa. Let’s look who got eliminated by who and when.

Boys Elimination:
First elimination was of Sushant Mohindru and second one to got dumped was Ishaan Singh Manhas, and both of them eliminated by the princesess. After two episodes Martina became queen and so does she got the power to dump boys. Shubhaashish was the third one to be evicted from the villa and first one by Queen Martina. Harshit Tomar and Milind Manek were fourth and fifth (double) elimination by Queen Martina. Anuranjan Awasthi, Akhil Kataria, and Akhil Kataria were sixth, seventh, and eighth elimination from the villa by Queen Martina.

After this Karan Chabbra was next to leave the villa and was eliminated by Queen Kavya, making him ninth elimination of the season. Zain Abideen was although did not eliminate but quit to save Priya from elimination, making him tenth. Brother of Zain, Ayan was eleventh and was dumped by Queen Rajnandini. Abhishek Singh Pathania and Karan Khanna were last boys to get eleminated in Semi-final of Splitsvilla 9.

Princess Elimination:
Niharika Ghai
was the first one to leave the villa but she left not because she was eliminated but she lose performance task to Rajnandini. Mayuri Das was second princess to leave the villa and was eliminated by Queen Martina. Before leaving Mayuri was given a power that she can choose anyone from the princess to be second Queen. Mayuri chose the Evil Queen Rajnandini. The third princess who left the villa was Priya Haridas, dumped by both the queens Rajnandini and Kavya. And the last princess who said fairwell (semi-final) was Isha Anand Sharma, dumped by Rajnandini and Kavya both.

Finalists (Girls):
Kavya Khurana (Queen)
Rajnandini Borpuzari (Queen)
Martina Thariyan
Mia Lakra
Shreeradhe Khanduja

Finalist (Boys):
Nikhil Sachdeva (Nik)
Varun Sood VJ
Pratik Kalsi (Archie)
Gurmeet Singh Rehal

Now the real question is who will win the Splitsvilla 9? Don’t forget to see the Grand Finale of Splitsvilla 9 only on MTV this Saturday i.e. 1st October, 2016. If you have any thing to ask, then why don’t you use the comment box below (It’s Free).

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