Someone Hits On Atharv’s Head Jaana Na Dil Se Door 18th September 2016 Episode

In Jana Na Dil Se Dur we are seeing the ups and downs in Atharv’s and Vividha’s love life. As it seems to be that Kailash gets agree for their marriage but he had something else in his mind. Uma tells the truth to Vividha and she gets shocked at all this. The last episode starts with Vividha saying to Kailash that she is wrong as she is thinking that her father is a good man. Kailash shouts and says that you will insult your father now.

jaana-na-dil-door-serialVividha thinks on about Kailash torture and says that you are a devil who just know to torture others. Dadi scolds Kailash as well and says that he is the devil and I was too wrong about him. Kailash gets angrier and slaps Vividha hard. He says that you will marry to the boy whom I had selected for you.

On the other side, Bharati is are getting irritated and says that we can’t stay like this. Sujata tries to call the family members and tells Atharv that they are not replying. Atharv gets tensed and thinks on that what will happen to them. Uma and Dadi tells Vividha to go from here and get married to Atharv. Kailash tries to stop her but Uma hits on his head.

Vividha runs on the road and calls Atharv to meet her. Atharv tells the same to Sujata. Kailash gets up and escaped locking everyone in the house. Later on, Atharv and Vividha reaches to the temple backside and Vividha hugs her. She cries and tells about Kailash’s devil avatar.

In today’s episode, we are going to see that Atharv getting married to Vividha and promising him. After that Atharv gets hit on his head by someone and Vividha gets shocked at this seeing him fallen. Now it will be interesting to see that did Atharv and Vividha live happily or not. Stay tuned with us for more updates and gossips of Jana NA Dil Se Dur like this.

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