Sonakshi Sinha’s Solid Come Back With Akira Movie Watch Trailer


In today’s world where most of the movies are centering around a guy who fights and goes against all the odds for his love, family, for taking out the truth or prove himself innocent, these are one of the topics which the audience are bored to see again and again.

But this time the daughter of one of the most known and loving personality of Bollywood named as Shatrughan Sinha’s daughter Sonakshi Sinha who is also one of the most talented actress of the Indian Cinemas and is currently going through major modifications and it seems like she has done them very carefully.


This time she will be playing the only lead actress in an action/thriller movie which is ‘Feminine focused’  and is a promising movie to show the valor and courage of the today’s women who is living in this world and is fighting for her rights and equality. But after watching the movie one person who thinks that only mans can do action in the movies whether it is from any part of Bollywood or from Indian cinemas, they have to change their mindset and will have to give equality to women’s in the society.

The movie is directed by AR Murugadoss and is being produced by Fox star studios and AR Murugadoss. The movie is scheduled to release in 2nd September and has created a very big buzz just after the release of the trailer online, the movie has shocked everyone when the movie shows a girl who is cute and very innocent, after looking at the trailer noone can even guess what she can be able to do and what she has done in the movie. She is also the only girl who gets into the 100 crore club in her debut movie with the Salman Khan.

The movie has made so many expectations from the audience and the viewers and is looking forward to break the box office and became one of the block-busters to prove the female power in the Industry. It is one of its kind movie who will going to show case only a girl fighting for her innocence when gets struck with the wrong guys and undone crime. The movie is filled with amazing action and lots of thrill and the main things that it is done by a girl. Many movies has been made by the Hollywood on Female power which features only girl as the lead and creates a mass of audience on the box office.

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