Sony Xperia X: Full Phone Specifications & Users Performance Reviews

Sony Experia X

Sony phones is known for their performances and their long lasting battery performances with one of the best user interface which can be maintained on any software or platform.

The newest launches of Sony which was just amazing like Xperia X and X Performance look almost exactly same. This phone is a little over a millimeter thicker and quite much heavier which is not a very huge difference, but it is quite noticeable. This added thickness in particular gives the X Performance a more static look. The lighter frame is mostly thanks to one of the Performances main upgrades over the cheaper X one. This phone brings back Sony’s usual water-resistant design. It’s foolish not to include that on the Xperia X in the very first place. As the Z5 series, there’s no need for a clunky port cover. However, that port is still a microUSB rather than Type-C. The rear panel is made of the same aluminum sheet as the X, which is fine.

Sony Experia XAll the buttons are in the same place on the X performance as they were on the X. The power button is in the middle of the right edge of the phone. Sony has it there for easy access to digital zoom while using the camera in landscape but crummy digital zoom is no reason to ruin the ergonomics of Sony.

In another repeat of what we saw with the Xperia X, the X performance does not have a fingerprint sensor. For a phone that costs $700, that is really an insane omission. It feels like Sony doesn’t even want to sell this phone when every other device in its price range includes this feature. The NFC chip is on the front of the phone like the X, making it essentially useless for Android.

The display on this phone is identical to the Xperia X as well—a 5-inch 1080p LCD. It has very high brightness and the viewing angles are very good. The biggest issue is color accuracy. The display just feels too warm at the default calibration.

As far as how the phone performs in daily use, it’s certainly faster than the Xperia X. Everything is just a little snappier and the system doesn’t seem to bog down as easily. The difference in performance between the two phones is very noticeable in games. The Xperia X struggles with heavy 3D titles, but the X performance lives up to its work.

xperia_xThe X Performance has a slightly larger 2,700mAh battery compared to the regular X. However, it’s also a more powerful phone. It can go for nearly two days on a single charge even with light. The 23MP camera sensor defaults to 8MP with oversampling. That’s supposed to deliver less noise and better colors.

Sony’s camera app doesn’t inspire confidence, either. It’s the same as the X, meaning it’s lacking in the way of manual controls. This includes a mostly stock UI with some useful tweaks like the quick settings customization and the neat lock screen UI.

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