Speculations & Revelations About Willaim Shatner Over his Starring As A Guest In ‘The Big Bang Theory’


There could be boasted the large numbers of guest stars from worlds of science,science fiction and comic books in the Big Bang Theory because all the characters are interesting in all things nerd culture.

There hasn’t been ever popped by the William Shatner for the cameo as show despite affection for Star Trek, it is why the Shatner has turned down the opportunity. Here’s why the actor refused a big bang cameo. “It been many conversations with the creators but can’t understand what they wanted me to do,not seems exactly right. Soi said that “finds that looks better than me”, at that they have taken offence but not sure well. They wanted me to play a little diagonally worked out said by them but I need more assurance on that.

willaim-shatnerAt this time the “Self-Aping” which is a celebrity cameo is a TV trope, painting some of the guest stars in quite silly light is definitely guilty of Big Bang Theory. But recently some news cooked up by the Angel showrunner Steve Molaro and his writing team for William Shatner that not make sense how he wanted to see himself portrayed.

In the past William already put his career dipped into self-parody, more not gone through that path in recent years. The Big Bang Theory is a big series and has a big seen audience as there is scripted broadcast TV.

Also, we understand that he possibly wants to make money needs money, Probably involved through a Gorn costume. William Shatner was clarified in his interview that he is not at all happy with the guest appearance as he was not at all happy because how the role was written initially.

So it sounds like The Big Bang Theory would have had Shatner playing himself in a way, but maybe under the guise of another character. It actually seems like he’s just being difficult. After all, George Takei has come out to say that Shatner was not an enjoyable person to work with, and they’ve been feuding for years because of this reason.

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