Splitsvilla 9 10th July 2016 Episode Online Get To Know Whom Princes Saved

Splitsvilla, One of the most amazing and popular reality show of the Indian Televison, here the boys and girls are just came to play the tasks and to find love for themselves. The new season of Splitsvilla 9, actually its season 9, comes with more enery and with lots of tasks and strategies for the contestants.

The Splitsvilla season 9 is going so good and is on its peak, and loving by the youth as they got to see something new in every episode of the show and now here the show is on the way that is, Princess will have to set her eyes just on the winning Golden Bracelet as their is a new task in the villa and the bracelet is one of the main aim to increase their points.

splitsvilla 9
Here right now the situation of the show is just stable at the 4 guys, who are all set to get into a dumping zone, and only the princess have that authority to dump these boys on the bases of their capability and on the performance which they had given earlier.

Here we have the Splitsvilla season 9, which is enough as it was earlier to attract the youth and to take the attention of the viewers as it is one of the most popular and we can say the romantic one show which airs on the big brand in iteslf Mtv televison network. The boys and girls just have to do one thing and that is, they have to compete with each other and complete the given tasks to stay in the villa for long.

As we have a lot of rush in the villa so their should be an jealousy, sourness and hateness is always present to make a flavour on the show and in the villa as well. In season 9 of Splitsvilla there are 15 celebrity boys and we have 6 beautiful and pretty girls who are enough to melt the mind of celebrity boys.

The show is hosting by none other then Ranvijay Singh and very amazing and good looking Sunny Leone. In the last episode we got to see that how Martina, who is the queen in the villa right now, and she put Neeharika in the dumping zone by her special authorities. And this week will going to be more interesting and with lots of fun and talks, to see who is going to take the Splitsvilla 9 Queen title and who will go to the dumping zone, to want to know more about the show stay tuned with us.

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