Splitsvilla 9: 24th September 2016 Episode 18 Online Video Updates: Book Of Fortune Saved Connection At The End

Splitsvilla 9

MTV Splitsvilla 9 is the ninth instalment of Splitsvilla, host by stunning Sunny Leone and ex-roadie Rannvijay. The show already counting its last episodes and the game is getting more intense. Not wasting your time let’s have a recap of last week.

let’s recall what happen in the last episode of Splitsvilla 9. The episode started with the ‘patate raho’ session although this time it was named ‘Bajate raho’ session. In this special session, anyone can anonymously ask anything from anyone. the session started with a flute and the rules of musical chair, which makes it kind of a musical flute. When music first stopped Shreeradhe was holding the flute. Martina asked Shreeradhe whether she will make the connection with Karan Khanna to survive in the game. The most shocking thing was when Karan Khanna expressed what he feels for Shreeradhe start from the first time Khanna saw Shreeradhe. Shreeradhe was pretty shocked after listening to Karan Khanna.

Splitsvilla 9Next one after the Shreeradhe was Mia. She was asked by someone to leave her shitty accent out of her mouth and make sense in what she say. Which makes a whole lot of sense (haha). After Mia, it was Karan Khanna, who was called chameleon and smartass who betrayed his friend by kissing Shreeradhe. But Karan Khanna replied to that smartly and politely. Soon after it was Martina, who was called cunning chudael by Evil Queen Rajnandini but it didn’t bother Martina.

Gurmeet was the next who was told that his connection with Queen Kavya is not genuine. In reply to with Gurmeet bent on his knees, and proposed to Kavya and Kavya told him that she also loves him. and that was the mere proof of their genuine connection. When Kavya and Gurmeet were expressing their love to each other made Rajnandini cry as she was missing her connection.

During the session, everybody was given a cue card to write the name of the person who suffered the most due to this session and obviously it was Shreeradhe. To everybody’s shock due to this unfortunate event Shreeradhe was given an advantage for the next task. And the advantage was that she can give the disadvantage to any princess.

During the task, Sunny Leone revealed that the winner of this task will straight away be safe from the dumping zone and the rest will go to dumping round. As Shreerade had a power so she decided to give this disadvantage to Martina (more on that later). Everybody chose their partner and this time for the very first time no one chose Gurmeet as this task was couple task, which made Gurmeet go straight away in dumping zone (good news for Evil Queen).

Rannvijay revealed the name of the task as ‘samandar me naha ke or bhi namkeen ho gayi ho’. In this task, girls were supposed to take a dip in the water and then roll under the ropes which will make sand stick to their body. after which they will jump on the platform and will try to remove the sand from them without using their hands whereas the boy will pick that sand from the platform and collect it in the beaker with a red level mark. When the sand will reach the desired mark then they will move to the next stage of the task which is a puzzle which is same for everyone. after puzzle, only two will go ahead and pick the sword in their front and cut the rope which will make their flag go up. The first one to cut the rope will win.

Talking about the disadvantage that Shreeradhe gave to Martina is she had to start her task after the 30 seconds of everybody else.

Everybody was performing with enthusiasm and dedication. Mia and Shreeradhe qualified the first stage before anybody. Martina was obviously last due to advantage. Karan and Shreeradhe solved the puzzle first and moved to the next stage to cut the rope. But Nick and Mia were not behind. Karan was trying to cut the rope and suddenly Nick and Mia came and with the one big swing of the sword he cut the rope, making Princess Mia’s flag go in the air with pride.

Now the conditions are not at all favour in the Queen Kavya. Last week her connection and all of her friends were safe but this time, it is totally opposite of that.

Now in this episode, we will see everybody going on the date with Queen to convince her not to dump them.

Do not forget to watch the today’s episode of Splitsvilla 9 on MTV at 7 pm as there is so much to stake this time. and if you have anything to ask please shoot it in the comment section below. It is for you guys only.


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