Splitsvilla 9: Princes Have Eyes For Wining Golden Bracelet & 4 Guys To Get Dump

splitsvilla 9

Splitsvilla, the name is enough to attract the youth and the world as well it is one of the biggest reality show of indian televison, It is just related and similar to an American dating show named Flavor Of Love. The realty show includes lot of young boys and girls and they have a competition between them to get  stay in the villa.

Here we can call it the Hunt For Love as boys and girls at the show , have to complete tasks to stay in the competition and to find the best and real love for them on the show. And in the end of the show one boy and one girl are crowned as the winner of the Splitsvilla.

splitsvilla 9

As there are many couples are present in the show so there is a lot of grudges, jealousy, hateness , friendship, fakefriendship can easily available here on the show with a lot of entertainment in bulk. Here comes up with the nes season 9 and which is hosted by the well known and the real person with a amazing strategy taker Ranvijay Singh and very beautiful Sunny Leone

Aas the trailer of the show was already released on 15th may and had a great fan following from the first day only. Here in the season 9 of splitsvilla we have 15 celebrity boys and 6 gorgeous girls who came here on the show to find love for them.

More than 5 episodes have been telecasted by the channel MTV and as we in the 6th episode, the situation not only puts the boys to see the exit door as well as to leave the show, It is just because of the positon of the princess. In the earlier stage, the book of Fortune showed up that Milinh and Harshit is to be dumped and the exit the platform of splitsvilla, and while on the other hand Princess Neeharikha was put into dumping zone by the current queen of the show, Martina.

Later on , on the show,  Selfie queen task has started and in which princess had to click pictures by keeping their face to dark. And boys have to choose by guessing the face of queen from those pictures as the sexiest selfie queen. The show is going so good with its story and the challenges , and more of the entertainment is remaining for you in the next episodes with lots of fun, tasks and a great loving story between contestants.

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