Splitsvilla 9 Suspense Is Still Going on! Whom Shree Will Date Now To Continue The Show?

Splitsvilla 9 is host by nation’s favorite Sunny Leone and our very own ex-Roadie Rannvijay Singh. Now that Spiltsvilla 9 is back with yet another episode and so is Thenewsrecoder for you. But before we tell you about today’s episode let’s take a recap of what happen in the last episode.

splitsvilla 9

Last episode started with the Patate raho session. The name of the game was ‘Licktionary’. In this task boys were suppose to draw a picture on the board using their tongue and their connections were suppose to guess what it is. The interesting thing about the task was the ink that boys were suppose to use was such as, sambar chatni, Red chilli, karela, ketchup, chocolate etc.

Shreeradhe chose Karan Chabbra, Mia chose Nick, Isha chose Abhishek, Martina chose Varun, Priya chose Ayan. Basically it was princess and their connections. Patate Raho session was very funny and entertaining. Even Queen Kavya lick chocolate off the Gurmeet’s biceps.

After the session, the boys who did not perform in the session were asked to vote for the poorest performance. Boys chose Priya and Ayan as the poorest performance and Priya went to dumping zone straight away.

Now the next day came and along with the new performance task. Rannvijay revealed the name of the task as ‘Love triangle’. All the princess except Priya was suppose to choose two boys each for the task. Nick was not present in the task as he directly went to dumping zone. The whole task was so hilarious and entertaining that everybody was laughing as through the task.

Martina went first with Varun and Gurmeet. Second was Shreeradhe along with Karan Chabbra and Karan Khanna. Isha on third position with Abhishek and Archie. And finally on fourth positon went Mia with Ayan and Zain.

Everybody along with the queens enjoyed the task. As you already know that most of the task in the Splitsvilla 9 is mostly about entertainment and so was this task. But with th eside of entertainment

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