Spoiler Alert: ‘House Of Cards’ Season 5 Airing Dates Revealed, Related News & Updates


An amazing Tv drama series which is an American Political Drama web series which was created by Beau Willimon. The series was basically an adaptation of the BBC’s mini-series which was run by the same name based on the novel of Michael Doobs.

The very first season comprises of almost thirteen episodes and the very first episode was premiered on 1 Feb 2013 on the Netflix. The second season on 14 Feb 2014 and third season on 27 Feb 2015 a then it was renewed for the fourth season which was premiered on 4 Mar 2015. The renewal news for the fifth season was already given by the Netflix in the January 2016 and will go to release in 2017. House of Cards is basically based on the story of Frank Underwood which is being portrayed by Kevin Space. Being a democrat from South Carolina’s 5th Congressional district and House Majority whip who was appointed as the secretary of States and starts to begin a plan which will soon go to give him a powerful and greater position and he is being aided by his wife.


The wife’s name is Claire Underwood which is being played by Robin Wright. The series was so much praised and got amazing positive reviews from the critics and viewers too, because of genres like Pragmatism, Manipulation and ruthless power in show’s theme.

The show got many nominations and awards as outstanding drama series and an Outstanding lead actor. The latest news regarding the House of Cards is that the fifth instalment of ‘HOC’ show will go to be an amazing one with Frank and Stamper’s characters storyline in a dire condition and it’s done by Beau Willimon. Williamson will be seen changing many characters storyline and will try to show what will happen when they both will fail.

This is said by him in the statements given by him in the interview. The serial will also going to show the dark side of Claire which is done by Robin Wright, she will go to try every single method and everything in her power to become the next president, even if she has to kill her husband.

The things are getting more and more clear that Frank will be going to face his low time very soon in the upcoming season because of the odd situations which are going to stand in his ways for smoothly going on his responsibilities. There are no confirmation and official dates announced by the Netflix for the official telecast of the show,

however,` the teaser trailer of the same is out already and is given below:

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