{SSEL} Suhani Si Ek Ladki 23rd August 2016 Episode Written Updates Recap: Puja Goes On For Suhani

Suhani Si Ek Ladki

The show starts and we see menka calls an tantric baba to cure suhani and he says there is spirit haunting suhani. He says he wants to meet suhani and she says she is upstairs then bhavna comes and stops him saying its superstitions but he asks her to move. Then yuvraaj comes and pushes him saying no one will go in suhani’s room. Rags comes and asks yuvraaj not to shout on them as they are worried too for suhani and doing this for her, then they hear machine’s beep fast and runs to suhani.

Suhani Si Ek Ladki

Yuvraaj calls doctor and suhani cries in her state. All come there and doctor says who gave her wrong injection. Rags says she gave as nurse sais and nurse went out for some work asking me to take care of suhani. Yuvraaj blames her to kill suhani and says he will not bear her anymore and will send her jail, he calls police and saurabh angrily slaps him and throws his phone. All get shocked. Dadi and sambhav smiles. Saurabh scolds yuvraaj and ays its not needed to call police in family matters and rags says she didn’t do anything, and says that he got mad for suhani, he loves suhani then why he left her in mandap? Bhavna asks to her to not to repeat old things. Police comes and yuvraaj asks hem to arrest rags. Saurabh asks dadi to explain yuvraaj but she says what can she do now as he has proof against her.

Rags cries saying she didn’t do anything and inspector says they have proof against her. Then dadi says to sambhav they broke relationships. Then lawyer comes and says they cant arrest her as he has bail papers and saurabh asks who called him? Menka says she called him as she wont let rrags to go jail. Bhavna and pratima explains yuvraaj that rags cant kill her and they are a family, yuvraaj says that she gave wrong injection and they say that did they made him arrested when his fingerprints matched, so they should not believe on what they see. Dadi makes plans with sambhav to what to do next and rags says she cant kill a mosquito then how can she kill her.

Pratima cries seeing suhani and says she couldn’t keep care of her that’s why god didn’t give her a daughter coz she doesn’t deserve that. Yuvraaj hugs her saying she is best mother and he hugs them both, suhani’s finger moves. In next morning soumya asks pratima that she wants to help her as she wants suhani to get well soon. Pratima says they kept pooja in house so she can make Prasad and soumya goes. Then bhavna comes and talks to pratima that they should make atmosphere well so that suhani can get cured soon, and pandit comes. Pratima asks menka to call everyone for pooja and they come.Rags comes and says she shouldn’t sit in pooja as she was blamed to kill suhani and yuvraaj looks on….

In next episode we will see yuvraaj asks suhani to get up and she gets conscious while pooja goes on…..

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