Star Plus Ishqbaaz 15th September 2016 Written Episode Updates: Rudra Gets The Video


Pinky says our children are so nice. Janvi says yes they finished party and would have gone to sleep. Then they come there and sees everyone is sleeping. Pinky and Janvi becomes shocked and thinks what is it and they all are drunk. Pinky says now what will happen. Janvi says We should try to wake them up. Janvi goes to Rudra and asks him to wake up and what is all this should I slap you. Pinky goes to Om and says I will cut your long hair and you should wake up now. Om asks what happened and let him sleep.

Janvi sees Priyanka there and asks you were also in their plan. Priyanka says we drank punch.Pinky asks what happened. Om says we drank fruit punch then danced after that we doesn’t know what happened. Shivay and Anika sleep beside the kitchen. Shivay sees Anika is sleeping aside him and he gets shocked. Anika wakes up and her head collides with him. He closes his mouth as she was about to shouts. He says Janvi and Pinky are here. Pinky asks where is my Shivay. Shivay gets up. Pinky says look at him he is looking cute. Suddenly Anika also stands up. Everyone gets shocked. Pinky asks what were doing there.


She gets tensed and asks what happened last night. Shivay remembers all moments and Anika too. They say together we doesn’t remember anything. Pinky says I can see it on your face. Anika says really I don’t remember. Pinky asks Om what happened. He says I don’t know. Janvi tells we should buck up all this as Dadi is about to come and she will get disturbed seeing all this. Pinky asks for Malika and Tia.Janvi asks where are they.

Tia comes and lies on Shivay. Rudra and Om laughs. Rudra says i cannot manage two and see Shivay is managing three. One is present one future and one ex. Om laughs. Shivay comes and asks why are you laughing.

Shivay asks Om to tell Rudra good things.Janvi says please take this lemonade as you will feel better. Shivay brings juice for Anika. They collides. Anika collide her head again. Anika says we should collide heads again otherwise we get horns. Shivay says its non sense.

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