Star Plus Mere Angne Mein 21st August 2016 Sunday Episode Updates: Shivam Denied For Government Job

Mere Angne Mein

Shivam throws everything in hospital and Riya stops her. Police become angry to see him and control him. Riya says he will not do anything leave him. One constable says this family is mad and they do like that always. Amit brings Ashok home and Amit says now they will leave.

Ashok sees the decorations and becomes shocked. He says who did this. Nirmala says I did this for you and me. He becomes angry and shouts at her that why she do like that. He loves only Sarla and he cannot love anyone else. Nirmala says she is paying for him and he has to love her. She says she will eat poison if he will not say I love you. Sarla and Pari see Amit and Rani going out. She asks what happened. Sarla goes home and becomes shocked.

Mere Angne Mein

Ladies taunts Sarla and Sarla gets angry. Pari also shouts. Sarla makes her out of the house. Pari says she cannot live in this colony and let’s go out. Sarla slaps her and says when She needed to run her brain then she did not used her brain and she would have brought a house for her.

Shivam cries in room and Riya comes there. Shivam hugs her. Riya thinks why he becomes so angry and that’s why she was not able to tell him. Riya asks him to stop crying as Life moves on and we cannot stop. Amit asks Sarla to open the door. Sarla says no she will not open the door and now he will stay here. Amit says he has not eaten anything from the morning. Rani asks Sarla to open the door. Sarla asks Rani to choose one finger. Rani asks why.

Sarla asks Rani to open the door and Amit will come in and Rani will go out. Neighbour says now Sarla will go out of this house. Amit comes in and asks Sarla to sleep. In morning. Riya throws water off her hair on Shivam and wakes him up as he has to go to the office . Shivam says no call came and she was joking. Shivam says ok. She says she loves him. He tells he loves her too. Shivam says he cannot get job satisfaction here.

He says he doesn’t want to discuss this topic. Shanti talks to pandit and asks about thanks. Kaushalya brings water for pandit. Shanti asks where is Raghav. Kaushalya says she doesn’t know as he said only that he is going to meet his friend. Nimmi takes up bucket and Shivam stops her. He hugs her and says he cannot do anything for her. Nimmi says don’t take tension as what happened is for good. She says she cannot understand what happened these days and Dadi has done this decision after thinking.

Nimmi tells doctor also told that baby is not developing and this was destiny. She cries and tells she was also not willing for abortion.

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