Star Plus Naamkaran 15th September 2016 Written Recap Updates: Avni Asks For Her Father


In the last episode of Naamkaran, we saw that Avni made Asha drink milk. Asha called her Dadi amma in loving tone. She packed her tiffin with Panner. Avni said Ali loves paneer a lot, and he is my best friend. Avni said you always fights with Papa and become his best friend. She said I love you and she left for school.

While on the other hand, Ashish was on the way with his mum. His mum said you are my Shravan Kumar and I am so lucky to have a son like you. She saw footpath and recalled her children. Ashish asked her why she is crying ? She said I recalled something. He said if Hemant Bhai would not there then even today also we have been living like this on the footpath. Ashish hugs her. They went to meet Hemant Bhai at the hospital. Hemant said I am fine and hiding the food under the bed. Ashish and Dayaben touch Hemant’s feet and Dayaben said I will do my duty even if you refuse.


Hemant said Ashish makes good films and he has deep philosophical things. Hemant said doctor asked me that I will keep in observation and the doctors are doing many tests. Debyan asked Hemant for sweets and Hemant said let me discuss with the doctor if it is necessary then I will shift to some other hospital.

Just then Hemant’s daughter comes and said statue. She talked to Ashish in a friendly way. Did she ask Ashish that were was he since last so many days ? Ashish said I was busy in films. He congratulated her for winning the award. Neela asked Hemant not to eat sweets as he is shifted to ICU.

Now in today’s episode of Naamkaran, we will see that Avni will ask that its important for me that Papa comes back home. Ashish is with someone else and Asha looks for him. Stay tuned for more updates of this new daily soap of Indian television.

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