Star Plus Serial Naamkaran 26th September 2016 Written Episode & Gossips


Ashish thinks. Asha sleeps with Avni.  Neela calls Ashish. Ashish asks what happened and how is Hemant. Neela says he is fine. Neela says I am angry with you as she was waiting for his phone but he did not call. Neela says you make romantic films and you should be romantic. She says you are so boring. Ashish says you called me to tell all this.

Neela says no. Neela says she loves him. Ashish says I don’t think so. Neela says leave this I will tell you one romantic story. She says our love story started from the temple. I saw you at the temple and it was raining then he brought leaves to protect her.

She tells I am keeping karva chouth fast from years. Shr says you remember our first date. She says when we went on a date. She says you took me. Neela says I want to go to the party. He says no I will not allow you. Neela says I am not going alone as Ashish is also going with me. Hemant asks if you are going.

Ashish says yes I forgot. Neela says now you don’t have any problem. Ashish says you are so stubborn. Neela says if I would not have been in your life then it will be boring. She says she cannot forget those moments and after that day I started loving you.

Neela takes Ashish out and says hold these keys and let’s go to the party. She says close your eyes I have a surprise. He says what. She shows her dress. Ashish becomes shocked to see.
She says I am a member of my fan club. He says please I don’t like this dress. Neela says let’s go. They reach to party. She says lets dance. He says I don’t like these things. Neela forces him. She goes to her friends. Ashish sees Neela is not there.

He goes to her and asks what happened. She says my dress.  Ashish cannot hear anything. She shouts that my dress opened. She asks Ashish to fix that. He says how can I do that. He removes his jacket and gives to Neela. Neela keeps looking at him. Ashish and Neela dances.

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