Star Plus ‘Siya Ke Ram’ 29th September 2016 Written Updates: Luv and Kush Talks To Valmiki

Siya Ke Ram

Sita hugs Luv and Kush. She asks if they are fine and if Lavnasur is dead. He says yes a brave man is fighting with him and he will kill him for sure. Ram takes out an arrow and throws. Ladies says let’s go as this is not a safe place. Sita looks down and says ok. Ram thinks something. Lakshman says I have made children free and I have sent them to a safe place. Ram smiles. He thinks Sita is around me. Luv says look at his idol and this resembles Raja Ram and this is of Ram. Luv laughs and says this is funny and this is god and Sita worships them. Kush says this is his idol.

Siya Ke Ram

Luv says I am hungry and let’s go. Kush says I want to meet Ram. Luv says no you always do wrong and we should go to Sita. Kush sees idol and smiles. He thinks I will meet him at any cost. Ram Lakshman and Shatrughan examines.

He says devils enter Ayodhya from this way. Ram says this place will be under you. Shatrughan says I will follow your orders. Ram step ahead. Luv tells Sita that Kush is mad and he was saying that idol resembles Ram. Sita becomes shocked. She asks where is he. Luv says he went to meet Ram.

Lakshman asks why are you worried Ram. Ram says I don’t know I am feeling that Sita is around and I am feeling her presence. Lakshman says truth is that I left Sita here. He asks tent is prepared or not. Sita goes to find Kush . He asks the lady if she has seen Kush. Lakshman and Shatrughan say this place is safe now.

Ram says good. Kush sees Ram and says yes it is confirmed that he resembles Idol. Lakshman asks who is there. Kush comes out. Ram asks why you were hiding. Kush says i was waiting to meet you as i was seeing you fighting with Lavanasur. He says i want to become like you and want to save my region. Ram asks where you live. He says i live in Valmiki ashram. Sita also comes there. Ram asks who is you father and mother. Kush says vandevi is my father and mother. Ram tells that mother and father are different.

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