State alerts about mumps occurrence, locals already react

Mumps reached 20-years high and here we know all about it!


Advising people to take additional safety measures and react immediately as the cases are treated, the Texas Department of State Health Service issued a caution about several outbreaks of mumps this week, in the state. This is the same action that the students, employees, and administrators are already taking.

Since February, Cedar Hill ISD had confirmed about 41 incidents regarding mumps. But, as he is going to address the parents in a health forum that has been scheduled for upcoming Wednesday night at Cedar Hill High School, Superintendent Orlando Riddick believes the situation is under control for the action that they took. He said, “We’re managing it.”I don’t know if you can manage it to a zero level. But I think some our practices are good in an effort to help mitigate it.”

The improvement is also an outcome of the additional efforts made to clean the school, better availability of hand sanitizers and awareness of using those, and offering booster dosage to ensure MMR vaccination is thoroughly upgraded. Moreover, each of the steps has been taken as per the recommendation of the expert. On this context, Dr. Glenn Hardesty, with Texas Health Arlington Memorial Hospital said “I think the recommendation to have an additional vaccine is the right one”.

Dallas County Health reports 81 confirmed cases of mumps already in Dallas County this year. And, their suggestions include having a minimum of two doses of the MMR vaccine. In case of greater exposed population, it is recommended to apply third booster dose just as Cedar Hill has offered a third booster dose, which is exactly as they have offered at Cedar Hill.

However, Dr. Glenn Hardesty claims that the case is not just about the mumps. He claims that a patient was diagnosed with influenza by him last Wednesday as well. Hardesty said, “Take precautions, get your immunizations, and make sure they’re up to date”. “And if you’re in one of those special groups that exposed, make sure you take that special extra step to prevent catching the disease and spreading the disease.”

At the same time, Riddick said that “What we need to do just to be sure that all of the practices that we do around health are vital no matter what you may be addressing”.
The students and the parents are going to get crucial information through The CHISD Health Forum from the experts. Here the focus will be rather on several health issues; not just on mumps. It has been scheduled to be occurring on Wednesday, 19th April, in Hawkins Hall at Cedar Hill High School.

According to The Texas Department of State Health Services, the state is witnessing a 20-year-high in mumps cases. The reports claim that Texas has already witnessed 221 cases in the year, which is highest in comparison with 234 in 1994.

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