Stealing Food Is Not A Crime If You Are Hungry; Italian Court Rules

Five years back, a homeless Ukrainian National named Roman Ostriakov was arrested by Police officials from Genoa as he stole cheese and sausage worth less than $5.

Later, in 2015, he was fined $115 and sentenced to six months imprisonment. The accused appealed this verdict on Supreme Court, and finally, the Italian judiciary has ruled in his favor on May 03, 2016.

According to the final verdict, Supreme Court stated that the accused was in such pathetic situation, and his circumstances compelled him to take that little amount of food needed to overcome his immediate and essential nourishment requirement.

The court sharply told that people should not be punished if they steal small quantities of food for feeding themselves. The new order from Supreme Court has fetched positive reactions from all corners, and National Daily La Stampa praised the verdict by writing an editorial in the front page.

The editorial loudly proclaimed that in a civilized country, no one should be allowed to die due to hunger. Humanity should be given first preference, and this is the message which the editorial conveyed.

The Supreme Court is yet to unveil the full reasoning behind the verdict. On the contrary, Gherardo Colombo, a former member of the Supreme Court of Cassation said no one is expected to do the unexpected.

Maurizio Bellacosa, professor of criminal law at Luiss University told that crimes which happen due to poverty can be easily avoided by strengthening the system. According to Maurizio, a healthy social support system will help in combating these small crimes.

Colombo, a former member of the Supreme Court of Cassation, told that the verdict is simply excellent. He added that if Ostriakov has done a robbery, then things would have been different. In this case, he has done the crime to eat, and it is the fundamental need of all living beings.

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