Strange Thing To Get Unleashed With ‘Agents Of S.H.I.E.L.D’ Netflix Confirms In NY Comic Con


Marvel Cinematic Universe MCU which has stayed silent for a new month is now coming back with some great ideas and it seems like its has been planning all the great ideas and thrilling stories in the back time.

As the news has started to arise about the upcoming thrills and latest teasers which are being revealed by the MCU is making a major buzz in the world as the things are picking up again after staying quiet for a time. As the Agents Oof Shield has started its fourth season on the ABC and on the other side Netflix has started the first ever season of Luke Cage, they have come before the theatrical release of Doctor Strange and this is marking towards the Mystical side of the Universe.

shield-strangeIt is being highly speculated that one the beginning of the Strange is introduced in the MCU, the things will surely change regarding the increasing presence and knowledge of Magic. As the Agents of Shield is taking place and setting up the major things for themselves for their upcoming merging with the Ghost Rider, but it seems not the only reason why they have brought the twist in the show.

The Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D have always shown their mutual love for each other which marks their love any feeling like a family before a superhero. The new version of Ghost Rider is the Guardian to his younger crippled brother, but as he has taken the place of the flameful face in the universe, things have started to change and new unexpected events have started to begin with him.

As there are speculations which have started, to begin with, all the upcoming highlights of the show the only thing which is being clarified is that flame face is going to have some very deep connection with magic and the excitement too regarding the way through which the makers will going to merge the show with this magical trip.

strange-ghostBut the fans should expect something very great or big regarding the tie-in as the possible connection to the film will most likely to a line of dialogue and a quick reference to some unexplainable events occurring in New York, however the show is quite interesting that how the show will going to explain the Magic in a scientific way.

It might be only just the beginning of the show or it’s just has begun, but the connection is pointing out towards something quite great for the MCU fans.

Loeb has told that fans should have to wait for some very great and amazing things which are heading towards them, after all, its S.H.I.E.L.D which is being reinstated as a legitimate government organisation. So its quite advisable for the fans to keep their hunger stay awake for the upcoming thrills of the show.

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