‘Stranger Things’ Season 2: All The Strange & Mysterious Questions Got Answered BY ‘SNL’


The very first season of Netflix’s very renown series Stranger Things left us with a lots of questions and some of these actually tease the audience. Some of these are Is Eleven Actually Stuck in the upside down which is still unsolved? Will Barb going to make a comeback, but this question gets answered and the answer was no, What about Will’s weird thing which still doesn’t have any clue.

However, the Saturday Nights Live chose to answer all those questions and also the whereabouts of Lucas parents. The second episode of the current season which is being hosted by Human Pilow Lin-Manuel Miranda, and he welcomed the three musketeers also Eleven who is trying to find Will in the Upside Down. This thing might be pointing towards the part of season 2 to takes place in the flashback, or will again get caught on the other side or it’s just a comedy sketch which is getting too much deep.

stranger-thing-2As the part gets ahead and the kids get ready to search the woods, and the emerging of Pop Lucas’s parents which got suddenly the screen, this might be because of the fault of writer who must have to forget to mention the parents in the series or to include them but the major thing is that Lucas is a kid who knows no limit or possible rules which are applicable to human.

In the sketch, Lucas parents are showed up as sick of his playing around and now they are going to bring him back home. When Lucas insist on doing some more of monster play, his parents seriously denies him of doing any more of monster hunting around.

The fear of the parents regarding Cheif Hopper is very clear and it’s because he is one of the least intimidating sheriff ever, but this point too brings something very shocking about why many of the black parents teach their children to act around the police, but this might note taken seriously as all this is taken in a humorous manner.

But the biggest and most strange question is that why and how did these kids are just allowed to go out at all hours of the midnight without having any supervision at all.

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