Suhani Si Ek Ladki 10th August 2016 Written Episode Updates Recap: Bhavna Gives Pineapple Juice To Dadi

Suhani Si Ek Ladki

The show starts and we see yuvraaj, yuvaani, and pratima is on the way, and yuvraaj tells pratima about last night and tells tells that suhaani came inside the car due to heavy rain, and slept there coz of heavy medicine. And asks her that is he wrong? There sambhav asks pankaj that is he wrong? and pankaj asks to leave it. And sambhav tells suhaani that yuvraaj always brings problems and pain in her life. There pratima says that she used to think that sambhav is mature guy but this is his truth. There saumya comes and asks for sorry as she was late in the morning than rags massages saumya head and asks her for food.

Suhani Si Ek Ladki

Bhavna asks saumya to get up early in the morning. Dadi sends all of them and gives tips to saumya to catch up with others and she gets confused. There sambhav thanks yuvaan for supporting him and goes saying ‘love you’. Then yuvaan gets yuvaani’s call and sambhav stops to hearing this, yuvani tells yuvaan that she told everything to Krishna and she said that yuvaani did wrong and they should not judge their parents as they didn’t see what happened there, and asks him to not to do misbehave with elders and yuvaan agrees.

Sambhav gets angry and calls yuvraaj and yuvaani his eclipse of life. Then yuvaan telss yuvaani that he is taking admission in her school and she says that she will get surprise for him, and ends the call. There yuvaani asks yuvraaj to talk to principlr about yuvaan taking admission in our school, and he thinks. There sambhav asks yuvaan that what did yuvani say on call and says that he will drop him school. Yuvaani gets ready and pratiama asks yuvraaj to wear blazer and he replies that its not his admission and he is thinking of not going there. There suhaani also insist to go with them and yuvaan, sambhav and suhaani leave for school. There pratima asks yuvraaj to go there as yuvaan is his son, and sambhav has to understand that he is only suhaani’s husband and yuvraaj is yuvaan’s father. Then rags and menka sees bhavna working in kitchen and think to spoil her work, then menka calls on landline and bhavna goes to pick call and she starts talking as sharad’s secretory and passes her time so that rags can change the juice which bhavna was amking, and they succeed but saumya hears rags saying that dadi will get allergy if she drinks it. Threre yuvaani tells principle that her brother is very smart and they are twins, and yuvraaj fills form and give him. Just then suhaani, sambhav come with yuvaan and sit.

Yuvraaj asks yuvaan that if he promise to not do mischief only then he will keep him in yuvaani’s class and he agrees, children leave. Principle tells suhaani that she is lucky as yuvraaj doesnt spoil kids. Then suhaani signs the form and sambhav strikes the sign of yuvraaj from father’s name and principle stops him to do this coz this admission is happening due to yuvraaj and he is his father, sambhav leaves in anger. There dadi gets juice and starts coughing, bhavana and pratima get worried and make her rest in room, rags and menka smiles……

Precap: we will see rags asks bhavna about juice, and she replies that its orange’s juice. Rags says that no its pineapple juice and dadi has allergy with it………..

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