Suhani Si Ek Ladki 11th August 2016 Written Updates Epic Episode Recap: Dadi Slaps Sambhav

Suhani Si Ek Ladki

The show starts and we see rags asking bhavna about juice and pratima checks it saying its pineapple in it, bhavna says that she didn’t mix pineapple and menka says that bhavna tried to kill dadi for keys, and rags and menka fights to get medicine but they couldn’t. Then saumya brings medicines and asks bhavna to bring water. There yuvaani shows her class, playgrounds and chemistry lab where yuvaan wears lab coat and they laugh. They don’t see poisonous gas chemicles kept there. There sambhav tears yuvaani’s painting thinking that she is the reason of his problems.

Suhani Si Ek Ladki

Yuvraaj tells suhani that they are coming and sambhav will react like this? Then principal comes and asks them to get uniform as all the formalities are done, he asks them to see yuvaani’s painting and says where its now, it was here and sambhav says he doesn’t know. There bhavna denies that she didn’t mix pineapple in it as even there is no pineapple at home then dadi gets up and drinks the complete juice and says that its pineapple juice and she has allergy with it, still she stays fine.

Rags says bhavna that maybe someone else mixed the juice to get her blamed, then bhavna says that she doesn’t want keys like this she will work hard and get keys, she says that she wont let saumya get the keys. Sharad comes there and bhavna says that she didn’t do anything and he asks her to be careful. There in the school yuvani shows her painting to yuvaan and he asks her about washroom as he has to go there, she tells him and promise to play hide and seek after his coming back from washroom. Sambhav sees yuvani and get her faints by hitting with a football, then he lifts her and locks her in chemistry lab. Then yuvraaj tells suhaani that he will send uniform of yuvaan at her home and they look for kids. They get worried not finding them anywhere and gets a painting of yuvaani in her class then yuvan comes and says that maybe she got hidden, as they were planed to play hide and seek. Sambhav comes and asks what happened and suhaani tells him that yuvaani is missing and yuvraaj goes to find her. Yuvaani is fallen near cupboard and poisonous gas flows out of the pipe. Suhaani asks sambhav to go upstairs and find her and he says that he will find her thinking that yuvraaj cant find her.

Yuvraaj asks yuvaan that where he saw her last time and he tells that in the classroom and he sees the pencil sharpener waste on the floor and asks yuvaan about it. Yuvaan says that they were painting so they didn’t find any dustbin and then put it in our pockets. Suhaani says that it means this fell from yuvani’s pocket and they should follow this waste. There yuvani wakes up and coughs. They follow wastes and finds them falling in upstairs and start to go upstairs and sambhav stops them saying that she cant be there, and yuvraaj looks at chemistry labs………

Precap: we will see dadi slaps sambhav and he says that he can do anything to get suhaani and she asks that why didn’t he kill him then……

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