Suhani Si Ek Ladki 12th August 2016 Epic Episode Written Updates: Sambhav Gets Close To Suhani

Suhani Si Ek Ladki

the show starts and we see yuvraaj going to lab and finds it locked, then sambhav says how can she go inside. But yuvraaj breaks the door and sees yuvani unconscious. Suhaani shouts yuvaaanii…..There sharad asks for sorry to dadi for this mistake of allergy, Dadi says that everyone is fighting for keys. But sharad says that bahavna doesn’t want keys to go to saumya else she doesn’t care about keys. Dadi says greed of keys bringing all truth of all in front. Saurabh says that bhavna cant do this and someone is trapping her.

Suhani Si Ek Ladki

Rags and menka brings fruits for dadi. There dr checks yuvani and tells them its just tear gas, yuvraj asks principal how did lab get locked and he says that maybe someone did this. Then suhaani asks it from yuvani and she says that she was waiting for yuvan and a ball hit her and she fainted. Then menka and rags talks about an parcel which they have ordered by bhavna’s name and they will spray it in saumya’s room so that she cant get up in morning and all will doubt on bhavna, sharad sees that parcel, passing by there. Then yuvaan asks sorry and promises to suhaani that he will take care of yuvani.

Dadi asks yuvraj about that incident and he says that yuvani was showing school to yuvaan and then it happened but thank god that we found her on time, and pratima sends yuvani to vhange clothes, and suhaani says that yuvani is strong like her. Sambhav goes to meet dadi in her room and she slaps him and he falls down. And she asks him that why he tried to kill yuvani, then he says yes he did this and will do this as she brings suhaani and yuvraaj close. And says that he will kill anyone who will try to come in between suhaani and sambhav. Dadi asks then why didn’t he kill her? why is she alive? And he says that it wont happen againg and dadi says that he cant do anything just know to shout nothing else. She asks him to go and succeed next time.

Dadi thinks that sambhav cant do anything as she had to kidnap yuvraaj so that sambhav and suhaani’s marriage can happen. Then sharad shows saumya, rags and menka spraying in her room and says that do anything but keep bhavna away from this matter and she says ok thanks. There yuvraaj messages suhaani in night and thinks she would be sleeping but she was also messaging him, then she calls him and he says that he is looking for something to eat in kitchen as he is feeling hungry, then she tells him to look in fridge as bhavna keeps a plate of food in fridge, pratiam told her. And he gets that plate and she asks him to warm the food in microwave as she is guiding how to do it and laughs. Dadi goes to some dark place to meet someone in night. In next morning sambhav gets up and recalls dadi’s words and thinks to make a plan, then he sees suhaani sleeping on bed. He goes to her thinking that he cant bear that suhaani loves yuvraaj…….

Precap: we will see sambhav gets close to suhaanoi and she wakes up saying what is he doing here?

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