Suhani Si Ek Ladki 14th August 2016 Episode Written Updates Online Recap: Dadi Plan Against Birla Family

Suhani Si Ek Ladki

The show starts and we see saumya asks bhavna to go as she will pay pay and give pizza to menka, and bhavna goes. And she thinks that she will not rags and menka to get keys. There kids planned a surprise for sambhav and suhaani, and sambhav thinks that today is suhaani and his day without yuvraaj, and says that child can be provoked so easily as yuvaan did it on my saying.

Suhani Si Ek Ladki

Pankaj and lata dress in cool dresses and pankaj says that they don’t have snow so all arrangements will look dull then yuvani says that they will get spray like snow. There bhavna gives snow to yuvraaj and asks him to go there as kids want this spray and she is busy in kitchen. Yuvraaj gets confused hearing her this but still goes. Then bhavna thinks that she will call suhaani and inform her that yuvraaj is coming there, just then she sees rags and menka drunk and acting weird. And wear sharad and saurabh’s glasses and dance on dance pe chance maar le.. And everyone look at them, even dadi sees and doesn’t react.

Saumya thinks that why dadi is not reacting on such a big thing, then saurabh and sharad stops them. There suhaani comes and asks kids what is it and they say welcome to party. She sees sambhav and he gives a rose to her sitting on his knee and suhaani holds it, just then yuvraaj comes and sees them and suhaani hides the rose. Yuvraaj then sprays the snow and sambhav dances with kids on gal mitthi mitthi bol… and all claps after.

Then sambhav asks kids that what is next surprise and they say that they have a cake to cut, and yuvani says that she will bring it but sambhav says that there is not any problem if yuvraaj helps and brings the cake but yuvani says that its ok, she will bring it. Then sambhav tries to hold suhaani seeing yuvraaj but gets hurt by candle and everyone comes to him. There dadi goes to meet to meet someone and saumya follows her but misses to see where she entered behind a secret door as saumya falls, then she feels thirsty and finds a handpump but there is no water in it. There doctor says that sambhav’s wound is a little wound and will get heal in some days after rest. Lata and pankaj asks him to take rest.

Yuvraaj makes yuvan understand as he was feeling guilty of what happened and suhaani makes yuvani understand that there is not any mistake of kids in it as it was an accident. Yuvaan hugs yuvraaj. There saumya comes home and gets shocked seeing dadi there and asks that when she came home? Dadi says that she was at home and saumya thinks that if she was here then who was outside? And dafdi thinks thinks that saumya is spying on me but she don’t know me….

Precap: we will see dadi says that she will ruin the person on whose pic wheel stops and as she rotates the wheel, gets shocked seeing Birla family’s pic…….

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