Suhani Si Ek Ladki 16th August 2016 Written Episode Updates Recap SSEL: Sambhav Argue With Fake Dadi

Suhani Si Ek Ladki

The show starts and we see suhaani says that she cant go to yuvraaj’s room like that and checks the salt sprinkler and yuvraaj comes. She shows him that sprinkler and says that she has seen the similar with bhavna. Then they checks the parcel and rushe to bhavna, there bhavna shakes the salt sprinkler and timer starts. Dadi goes seeing this. Suhani throws the sprinkler outside an it blasts. everyone gets shocked and discuss about that parcel, then menka tells that dadi received this parcel but yuvraaj says that why dadi would do this. And yuvani tells all this to lata and she gets worried.

Suhani Si Ek Ladki

Yuvani tells yuvraaj that lata and pankaj are coming and he says that they will more panic today so ask them to not to come now. Suhaani calls them and asks to meet bhavna tomorrow and they agree. There fake dadi goes to meet real dadi in a dark den and says that bhavna will die today and laughs saying that she is ruining her family and making dadi bad in everyone’s eye so that everyone hate her when she will go to her house. There suhaani sees the parcel cover in dadi’s room and thinks that dadi did this but why?

Suhaani then recalls sharad’s words and says rags and menka fell to this extent. she says to yuvraaj that she will find the truth staying here. Then dadi comes home and rags tells him about bomb and she thinks about bhavna. Just then bhavna comes and tells that suhaani came on time and saved her. Then dadi asks how did bomb came here and suhaani asks the same to dadi. There lata and pankaj tells this to sambhav and he thinks that he should talk to suhaani. There suhaani says that she found a receipt slip of parcel from dadi’s room and menka says that she saw dadi receiving parcel. Then dadi asks her what she meant?

Suhaani says that dadi ordered a salt sprinklere but someone sent bomb instead of it to hurt dadi but bhavna came in between. She asks pratima to stay there for few days and she welcomes her to celebrate teej with them. Then suhaani gets sambhav’s call and he asks about bhavan and she says fine. He tell about his bandage and pain and suhaani says that sh is coming home. Then she says to bhavna that she has to go as sambhav is unwell and yuvraaj and sharad hear this. Yuvraaj says that she is staying here to know truth but now she is going as sambhav called her. Pratiam asks kids to say bye to her as its not her home so she has to go.

Precap: we will see sambhav to dadi that if she save him, he will save her as all don’t know that she is not real dadi, and she agrees.

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