Suhani Si Ek Ladki 16th June 2016 Today’s Updates: Yuvraaj Cries For Suhani

suhani si ek ladki

Last day telecast of Suhani Si Ek Ladki showcased that Soumya made Yuvana busy and by the mean time Menka keeps bone in his pocket. When Menka was done that Soumya asked that I will send Yuvani and Krishna to you. Soumya and Menka hikes themselves and was observing the drama. Snoopi came to Yuvaan and smells the bone.

Snoopi started barking on Yuvaan. He asked what are you doing Snoopi ? Menka and Soumya was in plan that Snoopi will bite Yuvaan and he will get hurt. Yuvaan ran and fell down. Snoopi followed him. Yuvaan shouted and asked Snopi to go away. Yuvraaj came out and was dizzy. Soumya said that Yuvraaj will not do anything. Bhavna and Pratima tried to stop Snoopi. Suhani, Sambhav and Sharad hears him. Pratima asked Yuvraaj for help but he was standing there.

suhani si ek ladki

Suhani saw Yuvraaj staring at this all. Sambhav came there and shouts for Yuvaan. He stopped Snoopi. Snoopi bites Sambhav’s hand. Suhani hugs Yuvaan and thinks that why Yuvraaj didn’t saved Yuvaan. Sambhav came to Suhani and Suhani askled him that he knew everything about her.

Suhani asked him that he loves Yuvaan and takes care of him and she agreed for the marriage. Sambhav was happy to see this while Yuvraaj was standing at the door of Suhani’s room and was listening to this all. Yuvraaj was shocked to see that Suhani agreed for marrying Sambhav. He thought that it means that Suhani was right.

Tonight in Suhani Si Ek Ladki we will see that Sambhav will go to Yuvaan and will say that he is marrying Suhani. Yuvaan will be happy to hear this. Yuvaan will hug him and will say that I am very happy. Sambhav will be seen happy with this decision of Suhani. Yuvraaj will feel this all but will pretend to be normal in front of each otherbut will cry in side.

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