Suhani Si Ek Ladki 17th August 2016 Episode Written Updates Recap Video: Yuvraaj Gives Samosas To Suhani

Suhani Si Ek Ladki

The show starts and we see suhaani is about to leave from Birla house saying she is going for sambhav’s help and just then sambhav comes and says that he knew it that she will come for his care so he came there and asks pratima can he stay there and celebrate teej with them? And she says yes, kids gets glad. Then rags and menka gets excited to go parlour but pratima and saumya reminds them about dadi’s given punishment and saumya says that she will help pratima in all arrangements of teej, but rags says that she is not the member of this house and menka says she is a widow, not suhaagan to celebrate teej.

Suhani Si Ek Ladki

Then sambahv and dadi talks with each other and he asks her that why she did let the suhaani to stay here. And he says that if she save him then he will also save her as only he knows that she is not real dadi. and he says that he can tell the truth to all but he is supporting her as she kidnapped yuvraaj but she says that he kidnapped yuvraaj then he says yes but to save her. Then dadi says that they both need each other so should not blame each other and he sees the pics of family members in clocks and asks her that why his pic is in it. Then she says so that she can take revenge if he thinks to cheat her, then sambhav smiles and puts dadi’s pic in that clock and says the same. There bhavna says that she will not do arrangements with saumaya and saumya asks why then suhaani stops them to fight and pratima says that suhaani and bhavna will do arrangements.

Then kids ask pratima about teej and she explains that this is husband wife’s love’s festival and lord shiv and parvati are worshipped in this and Krishna asks about her mother that cant she celebrate this as she is alone. Then pratima says no but asks her to be strong to support saumya. There sambahv talks to himself lying on the bed in room and says that he will show yuvraaj that suhaani is his and thinks to add five tablets to get suhaani touching the bedsheet weirdely. Then he takes gulab jamun and thinks to add tablet in it and adds it. There yuvraaj and suhaani helps sharad in holding something and recalls old memories. Seeing this smabhav says that whatever yuvraj does, still suhaani will be his and gives suhaani gulab jamun. She eats it saying she loves them most and he says that’s he now understood her likes and dislikes, then bhavna comes there and he offers to sit and he goes.

Bhavna says that he loves her but suhanni says that she loves gulab jamun. There saumya thinks to take revenge from rags and menka as they called her widow and dumps all the food. She gets all the food in her room and tastes it before throwing thinking what will rags and menka eat. Just then rag and menka comes and see her and she gets shocked. Later suhaani holds her head due to headache, sambhav gets close to her massaging her head. She opens her eyes and pushes him away. She says that she married to him coz of yuvaan not for any husband wife relationship and leaves.

Precap: we will see yuvraaj offers samosa to suhaani and says that he doesn’t has right to ask that why was she crying but he wants her to smile.

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