Suhani Si Ek Ladki 18th August 2016 Written Updates: Sambhav Breaks Suhani’s Fast

The show starts and we see rags and menka scolds saumya to steal food and insults her then saumya gets vomit and goes. Then they thinks that this food has some problem and they should throw it else anyone can have this. Then they leave deciding to throw and saumya comes smiling that her acting made them throw food. Then suhaani slips in the kitchen and yuvraaj hods her and asks what she was doing there.

suhani si ek ladki

She says that she is hungry and he says that he is also hungry then she sees samosa. He says that he brought samosas for her and bhavna. She becomes happy having samosa and he says that he doesn’t have right to ask about her reason of crying but can he ask? There dadi thinks to meet original dadi and leaves talking on phone.

Sambhav thinks that why suhaani didn’t get affected by the medicine and asks her that why she didn’t slap him? And she says that she didn’t want to get angry on him and says that she already told him about her feelings. And he says that it was his mistake and says that he will go outside to sleep and she says that no need of it as she will sleep with yuvaan.

Suhaani sees dadi going and asks her but dadio acts as she is sleepwalking. Then yuvraaj comes and tells suhaani that she is walking in sleep and takes her to her room. Yuvraaj says her that sambhav knows that dadi sleepwalks due to heavy medicines, didn’t he tell you. She says no and thinks that something is fishy.. dadi was acting of sleepwalking and where she was going at night.

Then they leave. Then dadi opens the door and comes out calling someone on phone that she will come in the morning. In the morning saumya welcomes lata but she ignores, and she walk inside. Her dirty sleeper males floor dirty and saumya asks rags to clean it and then suhaani comes and says she will clean the floor.

Then dadi comes from outside and bhavna asks her that where was she and she says that she went to park and asks her to bring juice for her in room. Suhaani sees dadi’s sleeper clean and thnks that she didn’t go to park. Yuvaani asks yuvraaj about suhaani’s likes for gifts and he says that she will ear what sambhav gives him and leaves.

There suhaani talks with bhavna and tells her about her doubt on dadi, and yuvraaj hears them and says that maybe she saw the keys, she is unwell or either she went to take her botox injections and suhaani says that she has no proof against her but she is lying.

Then sambhav comes hearing them and says that yuvraaj is right dadi cant think wrong of family. Yuvraaj goes. Sambhav asks dadi to be careful as suhaani is doubting on her. And he injects a medicines in apple and says after sometime yuvraaj will kick suhaani out of this house and they smiles…
Precap: we will see all husbands give shringaar items to their wives and sambhav gives apple to break her fast……

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