Suhani Si Ek Ladki 18th June 2016 Episode 676: Bhavna Moves To Meet Lata & Pankaj

suhani si ek ladki bhavna

Yesterday in Suhani Si Ek Ladki we saw that Soumya and Menka was eating icecream, Soumya said that the work has not been completed ye. She said that my lord is with me I am just settling Suhani and Krishna’a life. Menka agreed to taht and said that Sambhav and Suhani will get married soon. Yuvraaj was sad of this all. Prayima goes to him.

Yuvraaj said to her taht he is happy seeing that Suhani is moving on in her life. Pratima asked him that if you cajn move on then why can’t Suhani move on in her life. Pratima said that she is seeing your pain and she can’t hurt you anymore. Yuvraaj pretends to be happy with this all. Pratima said taht if you feels that you are happy then go and make Suhani believe this all.

suhani si ek ladki bhavna

Suhani asked Yuvaan that schools has been opened so we have to leave for our house. She said that we will call Yuvani and Krishna there in winter vacation. Yuvaan asked to Sambhav not to invite Yuvraaj. Suhani said its bad manners. Yuvaan asked that can’t we stay for some more days here ? Suhani said no. Yuvraaj came there and asked why you can’t live here for more days ?

Soumya and Pratima came there. Yuvraaj made Bhavna recalled the reaction of Suhani when Soumya married to Krishna. He said that Suhani was annoyed as her childhood dream was left unfulfilled. He asked Yuvaan to stay in the house. Yuvraaj said that now both the childhood friends will get married in the same house and in the same Mandap. Yuvraaj said that Soumya and I will marry on the same day. Menka was shocked to hear this.

Tonight in Suhani Si Ek Ladki we will see that Suhani will say that I will make food. Pratima will ask her that how will you cook without getting help from anyone. Suhani will say that I will take Bhavna’s help. Suhani asked for Bhavna and Soumya replied that she went to met Lata and Pankaj.

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