Suhani Si Ek Ladki 1st August 2016 Episode Written Updates Recap: Sambhav Plan Something For Suhani

Suhani Si Ek Ladki

The show starts and we see that inspector is giving the sketch of goon and tells to yuvraj and saurabh that I got to know that the goon will go to meet hi boss tomorrow and they say that they will know the whole truth tomorrow, bhavna calls suhaani and tells that she felt bad when suhaani was rude to yuvraaj even he saved her life and she tells about the problems of home by saumya, rags, and menka and says that their home will break and I don’t know how to make things fine and suhani ensures her that everything will get fine soon.

Suhani Si Ek Ladki

On the other side saumya says sorry to yuvraaj and asks about his hand, he says that she can talk to him anytime and says that he knows that she has bear a lot because of him and he is with her always as a friend then saumya says that yes, she wanted him to choose her but he didn’t and this cant be happen and tells that she was afraid of Krishna’s future and she will never come between his and suhaani and yuvraj goes, then she thinks that she has given love to everyone for last 6 years and didn’t get anything in return but now she has the power and time to change the house and she will, and she wants her share just for Krishna.

In the next morning yuvraj asks about goon to saurabh and he re[plies not yet but inspector and he are waiting for him, yuvraj doesn’t see sambhav going to meet goon and saurabh follows the goon with inspector then sambhav meets goon and asks him that is anyone behind him? or following him? goon says no and he gives money to goon and orders him to go to his village to never come back and sends him through back door, there yuvraj asks to saurabh that second person is not there does he able to see him and saurabh says no we also waiting but no one is coming then yuvraj thinks and says that there is another entrance way and he comes there and shouts to stop him and says that he knows that he is one of the kidnappers of his then sambhav throws sand in his eyes and runs and saurabh runs after goon and goon throws wooden logs on him and runs away but there sambhav slips and and when yuvraj tries to see his face he hits yuvraj’s head by a metal rod lying there and runs away. Then saurabh and inspector comes to yuvraj and asks about the boss but he says that he coulnt see his face and he ran away and inspector says that they will get underground now but they will be caught someday.

Saumya tells bhavana that she has called a meeting and where are rags and menka then bhavna replies that she doesn’t know and dadi says that when family didn’t obey me I used to punish them. There suhani asks pankaj about sambhav that where is he, till then they both see sambhav comes injured and when suhaani asks about where he was, he makes excuses. There saumya asks rags and menka that where were they then they says that they are not well and want some food but saumya refuses to give food to them and says that first you have to come to meet and punishes them as dadi suggested her.

There yuvaan and yuvaani fights about their ice creams and the stone ball falls suddenly yuvraj comes and slips because of that then suhaani holds his hands and tries to handle him but she also falls on yuvraaj and they see each other till then sambhav comes and yuvaan hugs him, they get up and dadi asks suhaani that how she is here and she grets dadi.

After that sambhav talks with dadi in alone and tells her that yuvraaj was following him and he has beaten him and asks her that why she didn’t tell him about him then she replies that she has many other things to see here not only yuvraaj and says that hide your goon and he says that he is underground now and says that if he get caught, he would not leave her.

Precap: we will see sambhav saying that suhaani often comes to this house, how will he stop her if anything happens to her legs then???

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