Suhani Si Ek Ladki 21st August 2016 Today’s Episode Written Updates: Yuvraaj Takes All Fingerprints

Suhani Si Ek Ladki

The show starts and we see Yuvraaj comes to check the place. Yuvraaj uses handpump and hears a sound, he thinks that why is its here if its doesn’t work. He sees a stick with blood on it and recalls dadi’s word. He thinks that was suhani attacked by this and he shows that stick to the inspector and says that he will find out who did this? In the next morning, kids talk to suhaani and decorate the room. Inspector hears

Inspector hears menka and rags talking about Soumya would have attacked suhaani as she wanted to marry yuvraaj. He tells yuvraaj that suhani was attacked by this stick as blood sample report proved it. Inspector says maybe its personal rivalry and yuvraaj says he doesn’t know such person. Rags say that Soumya can do this and sharad says that they cant blame her without any proof. Then dadi says that she held a stick to save suhaani so it can have her fingerprint also. Sambhav tells that Soumya can’t does this as she was with him that time.

Suhani Si Ek Ladki

Inspector leaves and they think who can do this. Sambhav talks to Inspector leaves and they think who can do this. Sambhav talks to dadi in storeroom and asks has she hit suhaani and dadi tells that she was following her and she could ruin her hard work so she hit her. Sambhav shouts on her saying shut up he will not leave her and will bring the truth in front of all. She asks him not dare do this and he says that how she dared to harm suhaani as he did a lot to get her. She asks him why he didn’t stop her and blackmails him that she can also tell all that he kidnapped yuvraaj and he says he doesn’t care. She blackmails her again and says that yuvaani’s school has CCTV footage of what he did with her. He asks her that if she did this he will kill her. She goes saying that if she can kidnap her sister then who is he.

There bhavna asks yuvan that why kids do not have food and he says they met mum and became sad. then Soumya comes to take food for Krishna and rags and menka say that she will also not have food as she loves suhani more than you, Soumya says nothing like that and leaves. they become happy and say that she will be busy in getting Krishna’s love and them in getting keys. Lata prays for Shaanxi. And she cries asking Pankaj why god take

And she cries asking Pankaj why god take suhani’s test and he asks her to calm down and says that she will get fine soon. There yuvraaj goes to that place to find the culprit and gets a coin there. Pratima and bahvna talks about suhani and say she will get fine soon, and bhavna has some silver coins for teej in her hand and a coin falls, yuvraaj comes and picks it and match it with the coin he got and they say that someone from house did this but no need to say anyone now as they don’t have any proof and sambhav looks on. We will see yuvraaj tells all that he took fingerprints of all without telling them and now the truth will come.

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