Suhani Si Ek Ladki 22nd August 2016 Episode Written Updates SSEL Online: Sourabh Slaps Yuvraaj

Suhani Si Ek Ladki

The show starts and we see yuvani and Krishna tells about collage and takes sambhav’s thumb impression, then bhavna with kids takes thumb impressions of all and gives them to yuvraaj. They wish that now culprit will be caught soon. Rags asks bhavna to make healthy breakfast so that suhani can also have it and pratima says she is unconscious. Then menka comes in nurse’s outfit and says she will take care of suhani and suhani will have food everyone laughs on her and pratima and sharad thanks her to make everyone smile. She then asks dadi to give extra points for that and rags fights with her saying she gave the idea, all laugh.

Suhani Si Ek Ladki

Yuvraaj goes to suhani’s room and takes care of her asking her to get up as their story didn’t end, and sambhav comes there. He asks him that what was he doing there coz suhani is his wife and yuvraaj says that its his house, he can go anywhere he wants. Then sambhav calls everyone in the hall and dadi sees inspector there, then yuvraaj tells them that he has taken thumb impressions of all without informing as he wants to know the truth, and all ask about result of that. Then yuvraaj says seeing it rags negative, menka negative, soumya and all negative.

Dadi gets relieved and he checks his own and says its positive. Sambhav then blames him and argues with him, yuvraaj asks him not to interfere in it and inspector says that he will try to get more proof. Bhavna and rags argues that yuvraaj didn’t wish to prove wrong anyone and he apolozises to all, then sambhav shows changed fingerprints to dadi and they both smile.

Sharad, bhavna and yuvraaj talks about who did this and say they will not leave him.  Dadi and sambhav decide to do work together as she has more experience than him. All family members ask suhani to get up but she doesn’t and bhavna cries. Saurabh asks her to be strong. Then dadi says it can be a mahabharat here, they have to use suhani and asks sambhav to not refuse and to show down yuvraaj, he agrees.

We will see in next episode that yuvraaj scolds rags and says he will send her jail and saurabh slaps him…..

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