Suhani Si Ek Ladki 24th August 2016 Written Episode Updates Online: Real Dadi Argue With Fake Dadi

Suhani Si Ek Ladki

In the last episode Rags refused to come in puja. Saurabh asked Yuvraaj to stop Rags. Pratima said that they will start puja. Yuvraaj asked Suhani to wake up. Puja started. Menka thought that Rags go to spa alone. Rags wrote a not and said that Yuvraaj will apologize to her. Dadi saw the diary but didn’t get any information. Rags got a rope and looked at the fan. Menka asked Soumya to tell Pratime that she is going to washroom. Menka got the note and read it.

Suhani Si Ek Ladki

Rags went to storeroom and prepare for her fake suicide and she want to see guilt on Yuvraaj’s face. Yuvraaj went to call doctor as Suhani’s heartbeat was getting normale. Menka came to everyone and shouts. Saurabh asked her what happened. She said that Rags committing suicide. All got shocked. Yuvraaj said her that this is not time to joke. Menka asked him to read Rags letter. Yuvraaj read suicide letter of Rags and all rushed to storeroom to Rags. Rags hanged herself but she really got suffocated. Everyone came there and hold her. Menka said that she got saved because of her. Rags was in shock. Sharad told Saurabh that doctor arriving.

Yuvraaj apologized to Rags. Suhani got conscious and hold her head. She recalled that she was following Dadi. Pratima said to Menka that Yuvraaj did wrong to Rags but she didn’t think of Saurabh before doing this. Suhani went to same place and saw the handpump. Suhani used the handpump and a rock door opened. Suhani entered the dark place and saw a rope and fallen chair. A good caught real Dad and she struggled and make a sound. Suhani went to see again.

In today’s episode Real Dadi says to fake Dadi that Suhani didn’t lose till now. She says that if Suhani get doubt then she will now leave now. Fake Dadi says to her that Suhani will lose this time.

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