Suhani Si Ek Ladki 24th June 2016: Yuvaan & Yuvani Moved Out Of Home & Suhani Gets Worried Of This

suhani si ek ladki

In the last episode of Suhani Si Ek Ladki we saw that Yuvraaj came home and he was having a pendrive in his hand. While on the other hand Sambhav gave a pendrive to kids which contains games. Kids collides with Yuvraaj and both the pendrive falls down. Suhani came there and gave one pendrive to Kids. Yuvraaj asked you don’t know what you did, you gave the pendrive to kids which contains our marriage video clip.

Suhani asked what ? Suhani asked what were you doing with that ? Yuvraaj replied that I was about to delete that. Yuvraaj blamed Suhani that she did it intentionally. Kids moved in their room and started the pendrive. They saw the video and at that time Yuvraaj and Suhani reached there. They were shocked to see taht kids were seeing the video. Sambhav also reached there. Yuvraaj was blaming Suhani but Sambhav interrupted.

suhani si ek ladki
Kids were saying that how can this be possible. Krishna said that why my Papa is marrying Yuvaan’s mum. Yuvani said my mumma married to my Papa. Then Rags came there and said its true. Yuvraaj was about to stop Rags but Suhani stopped him and said that one day it has to be revealed then who not today ? Sharad and Bhavna tried to stop rags but Rags continued by saying that Yuvaan’s mum and Yuvani’s Papa are husband wife.

Kids were shocked to hear this. Krishna asked how can this be possible. Yuvaan said that its too much confusing I am not getting anything. The Menka came there and said that I will make you understand everything. She took a board and write the name of kids and parents and then said that Yuvraaj and Suhani were husband wife 6 years ago but they both had a big fight and after that Suhani took Yuvaan with her and Yuvani left with Yuvraaj.

Tonight in Suhabi Si Ek Ladki we will see that Yuvaan and Yuvani will get frustated by hearing this all and will think that we are brother sister in reality and our parents hides this from us. They both will move out of home. Suhani will think that where did they gone. Suhani will get tensed and all other family members will get worried.

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