Suhani Si Ek Ladki 26th August 2016 Written Episode Updates SSEL Video: Real Dadi Run Away From Goons

Suhani Si Ek Ladki

The show starts and we see kids gives soup to suhaani and dadi goes seeing this. Saurabh takes a pic of them calling a happy family. Yuvraaj tells bahvna that something is wrong, and going on in suhani’s mind but she is not telling it. Dadi goes to handpump area and burns the secret place with kerosene. And she says that suhani cant win from her as this place has no existence from today and laughs. There menka gets fruit and cuts them for rags and taunts soumya that she is not looking happy for suhani’s recovery and she says that she doesn’t wants any drama now.

Suhani Si Ek Ladki

Pratima stops menka to speak nonsense and sharad jokes on her. Then suhani comes there and everyone ask her to have rest in her room but she says that she wants to show them something and shows video of dadi burning that place. They all get shocked and asks dadi about that place and asks why she burn that. Yuvraaj says that dadi told me that she went to save you as she followed you, but suhani says that no she was following dadi not dadi.

Sambhav tries to cover and says that why you all are questioning dadi as she is the criminal and yuvraaj asks him to shutup coz she is their dadi and they are asking just, then sambhav says that he knows the whole matter and yuvraaj asks how he knows. Then sambhav says that he can understand why she hidden this from all of you and tells that he asked her for helping him as he was worried for suhaani’s health that’s why she went to tantrik baba at that place.

Suhaani asks then why she burn that place. Dadi says That she didn’t wish to tell anyone that she is doing this for family’s sake. Sambhav says see all of you were blaming her and she was helping you, sharad asks him to shut ut and yuvraaj leaves. Suhaani says to bhavna that she followed dadi and then recorded video, so something is wrong, dadi and sambhav are lying. Then yuvraaj comes there and bhavna leaves.

He says that she should have ask dadi in private not in front of all, if something was there. Then she ask is blaming rags in front of all right? he says that he was worried and doesn’t wants to argue. There menka and rags talks about suhani that how she blames dadi and rags says something is fishy that’s why she is doing totka, and menka worries about keys but rags asks her not worry about them.

Soumya comes and says that she knew about dadi’s totaka and she gave keys to soumya as she is more imp than them, they can ask dadi. Yuvraaj comes to dadi’s room and thinks where is she, he sees wall clock and stops and sees the pics of family in it, and thinks whats all this? There sambhav asks dadi to thank him for favour, but she says that she has told him threatning each other is not useful and asks him to control his wife, he says he will do…….

In next show we will see real dadi runs away from the goon’s clutches…..

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