Star Plus Suhani Si Ek Ladki 27th July 2016 Written Updates Recap Episode: Suhani Applies Sambhav’s Sindoor

Suhani Si Ek Ladki

The episode starts with Soumya asking to Bhavna that why is she doesn’t care for her, as she promised her that she will take good care of her. Suhani is sitting with children. Suhani says to Yuvani that if i am not here then what, Soumya is here with her as her mom. Bhavna says to Soumya that i didn’t expect that from what you do. I had forgive you on Suhani sake but i can’t do anything more. Dadi comes there and says to Soumya that what happens to you is very bad. Dadi says that Suhani was not become this house’s bahu lets see who will be our bahu.

Suhani Si Ek Ladki

Suhani and others fill the pool for children to play. The children come and float boat. Then children go to call Atharv. Atharv opens the door and scolds them. He shuts the door back. Parineeta goes to him and says that this is not the correct way to talk with children. Its a very hard time for them, so the parents should be polite to them.

Sambhav phones ring and Lata picks it up. The goons says that we had buried the dead body. Lata felt shocked. Soumya takes food for Suhani. Suhani says that you don’t have to take the food. Menka come and says to take water. Parineeta sends Menka. Dadi hears them and come. She ask Suhani either she is happy or not. Lata says to Sambhav that someone call you, Sambhav takes the phone and says that its a wrong number.

The kids become sad. Yuvraaj come with a bucket full of water and says that i will wet you all. The children start running. The water gets over to Suhani’s face and her sindoor gets washed of. Dadi says that it is a abshagun. Parineeta says that its not a abshagun, Yuvraaj is just playing with children. Saurabh takes Parineeta and says that you have to talk Yuvraaj once. As there might be a big reason that Yuvraaj couldn’t get to the mandap. Dadi hears them. Sambhav warns goon, not to call in future. Dadi calls Sambhav and says that to take Suhani from here.

Parineeta comes to Yuvraaj and ask for the truth. Dadi come there when Yuvraaj is about to tell the truth. Dadi ask him that what happen. Yuvraaj tells Dadi everything. Dadi records everything. She says that what Sambhav did is only for Yuvaan. Dadi shows the video to everyone. Suhani says that nothing can happen now.

Suhani is putting sindoor and felt sorry for Yuvraaj. She says that its for Sambhav as he is everything for me now. Yuvraaj ask her is she happy. Suhani says yes she is much happy.

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