Suhani Si Ek Ladki 2nd August 2016 Written Updates Recap Episode: Sambhav Plan To Make Suhani Fall

Suhani Si Ek Ladki

The show begins and we see suhani in the kitchen and yuvraj comes and calls bhavna for juice but suhaani says that she is not here and suhani can makes juice for him as she wanted to thanks him as he saved her yuvraaj refuses first but then he drinks when she gives it. Children force suhani to let yuvan stay here as they want to play with him and suhaani refuses but she agrees when pratima asks her to let yuvan stay there for one more day.

Suhani Si Ek Ladki

Then suhaani walks down stairs and sambhav sees her and thinks that suhaani often comes Birla house and he has to stop her then thinks if anything happen to her legs then she cant come here. And suhaani reaches her home and seeing her sambhav promises himself that suhani will not be able to go there again. Then suhaani calls to talk to yuvaan and scolds him as yuvani complains about him and she makes him understand with love that he should share his things with others and not to fight. There surabh and yuvraaj talks about goon and saurabh says that they will have to wait for the right time to catch them as they are alert now and yuvraaj goes, Then saurabh sees rags giving money to menka and asks to do all work of today then sharad also comes to saurabh and asks what going on here and he says that they will do something and there sambhav takes glass pieces to keep in suhaani’s sleepers but he stops coz lata comes. And Saurabh asks menka to not to do work and leave it then she goes calling him good, and then sharad calls snoopi and sends him to do his work now.

There lata asks sambhav that what was he doing here and he says that he needs her help as he bought these new shoes to surprise her and wants to give her then she says that he can give it and also can spend time with suhaani as yuvaan is not there and goes then sambhav puts glass pieces in the shoes and smiles. There snoopi spoils the floor and goes and sharad and saurabh laughs seeing that saumya calls out rags and scolds her about the floor’s dirtiness and goes then rags calls menka and scolds her that she cant do anything well and goes and menka says that I am bad for everyone even I do work and feels sad. There lata asks suhani to go out with them for dinner but she refuses but lata and and sambhav try to convince her and she agrees and goes from there, and sambhav tells lata that suhaani will wear that shoes only when if they add water to her other shoes.

On the other side dadi tries to make fight between yuvaan and yuvaani and fails and bhavna talks with saumya that she has no problem in doing house work but you just wants to make suhaani loose from always as she had more than you from always and you are jealous of her nothing else while I want her to be happy and you wants money but happiness is not in money and she will never understand it and goes then saumya becomes angry and dadi comes and tells her to scare everyone as they don’t obey her like she used to do before…..

Precap: We will see that sambhav has put oil on the floor to make suhaani fall and laughs….

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