Suhani si ek ladki 31st July 2016 Written Episode Inspector Prepare Goon’s Sketch

Soumya was talking to everyone that she that charity the food by Bhavna to the beggars, as our family is suffering a lot  nowadays. Parineeta says that it is good that you had given the food but it is not right to keep the family hungry for them. Soumya says that I had taken it correct as we should repent for our sins. Dadi says Soumya is right. Everyone then eats food very simply and without any further argument.

suhani si ek ladki

In the jewellery shop, Yuvraj says to the goons to leave women and kids. Suhani says that I will not leave Yuvraj and Sambhav here at any cost, Yuvraaj and Sambhav says her to go. When Suhani is leaving one goon ask her to take out (mangal sutra). At home, Menka says that I will not eat this roti at any cost, as I am not like them.

Soumya says that you had done many sins so you have to eat this. Rags says that it’s enough that you got the keys to the house but we are not here to tolerate your torture. Krishna comes and tells about the robbery which is happened at the jewellery shop.

Yuvraaj says to the goons that Suhani will not give her (Mangalsutra). Yuvraj starts beating them. Police reach on time. They arrest the goons. Inspector talks to the Suhani, they get the suspect’s proof.

Lata thanks to God that Suhani and Sambhav are safe now. Sambhav  didn’t say anything and went to his room. Lata asks Suhani not to praise Yuvraj in front of Sambhav.

Bhavna thanks to Yuvraj for trying to saving Suhani’s life.  He gets shocked to know that who told her about that. He ask Krishna to aks to Suhani that she is fine, Suhani replies with ok. Suhani tries to talk to Yuvraj but he didn’t picked the call.

Inspector informs Saurabh about goons sketch and says that They wll going to soon catch their boss. Saurabh says that we would like to follow him to catch the real culprit behind all this. Yuvraj says that tomorrow we all will get to know the truth. The show is going on flawlessly and for more updates stay tuned to The News Recorder.

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