Suhani Si Ek Ladki 3rd August 2016 Episode Written Updates Video: Sambhav Injures Suhani’s Feet

Suhani Si Ek Ladki

The show starts and we see yuvraaj says to Krishna to call suhaani as yuvan is getting hiccups and yuvaan talks to suhani and she tells him a story which yuvraj used to tell her during her pregnancy and his hiccups stops and she ends the call, she recalls the memories of that time and yuvraaj’s talking and cries.Then lata puts water in all other slippers of suhaani and calls sambhav then pankaj comes and cleans the slippers of suhaani and lata says that she has headache and they should leave without her.

Suhani Si Ek Ladki

In the Birla house everyone sits for dinner and then pratima shouts seeing lizard in soup and then dadi asks bhavna that where is her attention don’t you know what could happen if we had this, then she says that food was alright when she put it on table and dadi scolds her again that who addes lizard in it? and sharad takes bhavna’s favor, there lata asks suhaani to wear that shoes which sambhav showed her and pankaj says that suhaani doesn’t keep her shoes clean now I will clean them and sambhav says that these are new and clean still pankaj cleans them and gets his hand hurt by glass pieces and they get shocked by seeing the glass pieces in them and seeing this suhaani refuses to go to dinner and then sambhav talks with someone on phone saying whatever he wants he gets it anyway and suhaani asks hearing this that whom he was talking and says that he was getting a gift for yuvan and suhani goes in kitchen.

Then sambhav gets an idea and he pour coconut oil on the floor and demands to eat pakodas and suhani makes pakodas, there shard tries to make bhavna smiles when he finds her sad and he sends golu to hug bhavna and then pratima comes and says that she knows its not bhavna’s mistake and hugs her and shrad tries to know that who did that, there suhaani comes with pakodas and lata goes to bring more pakodas and slips due to oil and suhaani comes to help her.

On the other side bhavna goes to yuvraaj and thanks him for his trust and yuvraj says that he has no proof of her truth still he is sure that she cant do this and sharad asks everyone for controlling the pests and pratima agrees but saumya smiles and think that what is the use of these things when I added that lizard, then rags and menka thinks of teaching a lesson to saumya and add glue in her lipstick when she was in the bathroom and leave seeing her coming and that glue falls from their hands then saumya sits to get ready and applies lipstick on her lips and gets her lips stucked and checks her lipstick and gets angry finding that glue. Children call suhaani and tells her that sambhav gifted a car to yuvaan, yuvaan says that he will show the pic of car to his friends and tell them that he has best father and yuvraj hears it and comes there then pratima asks him to take the children to pankaj’s house as kids are requesting and they will do pest control at home.

Precap: We will see that sambhav will hurt suhaani’s leg by yuvaan’s remote controller car and she gets bleeding on her legs and falls down screaming and sambhav smiles while kids run to her………..

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