Suhani Si Ek Ladki 4th August 2016 Written Episode Updates Online: Sambhav Try To Gets Close To Suhani

Suhani Si Ek Ladki

The show starts and we see that sambhav tells suhani that he got the car for yuvan and got her slippers exchanged and shows new slippers, there rags asks saumya what is the need of doing pest control and she has no answer and then rags and menka choose helmet and saumya thinks of having fun of them, there suhaani wears new slippers and goes outside and finds yuvraaj with kids and she greets him and he says that he came to drop kids and she asks him to stay and eat food as mom made his fav food but yuvraaj says its fine and goes.

Suhani Si Ek Ladki

Rags and menka sit wearing helmets and saumya takes their pic and then dadi asks them to remove the helmets and they find that they have stuck in helmets and sharad and saurabh jokes on them and saumya says that she has a knife and they have to get cut their helmets by it and menka runs and Kids get the false remote of their car and sambhav smiles thinking that he has the real one and wait for suhani to come there and yuvani rides the car and yuvaan handles the remote but as real one is on sambhav so he uses it to hurt suhaani and suhaani comes with snacks and yuvaan thanks her for choosing right father for him and she goes. there saumya removes their helmets and tells them that she was teaching a lesson to them and they all get laugh.

Yuvaan says to yuvaani that the car is going right when he is taking it left and yuvaani cries that she is scared and suhaani comes hearing it and sambhav takes the car towards her and it goes over her leg and she shouts with bleeding leg and kids run to her and sambhav also run to her and asks what happened and makes her sit on sofa and asks to keep calm as he is calling doctor and yuvan says sorry to her and sambhav thinks coming outside that he fitted nail on the tyres of car so that it can hurt her well and now she is not able to go Birla house and her story with yuvraaj is end now.

Yuvaani tells Krishna about it calling him and dadi calls out Krishna and rags and menka thinks of taking revenge from saumya by making Krishna cry, there yuvaan goes to take first aid box and slips down as he was on the stool and just then yuvraaj holds him and stops him from falling and he gets shocked seeing suhaani’s leg and yuvaan calls sambhav for bringing doctor fast and tells him that yuvraaj is also here and he gets angry hearing that and takes brakes, hitting the road block and police stops him and scolds him asking for his liscense and he tries to bribe him but fails and yuvraaj ask suhaani to take care and says that he will back soon and there rags and menka make Krishna play with golu and he agrees……..

Precap: we will see that suhaani is sleeping and as she wakes and opens her eyes she finds sambhav very close to her…………

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