Suhani Si Ek Ladki 6th August 2016 Episode Written Updates Recap: Yuvaan Asks Sambhav To Kiss Suhani

Suhani Si Ek Ladki

The show starts and we see pankaj comes to suhaani’s room where sambhav is taking care of her and takes suhaani to hall and she sees pratiama and yuvraaj there and smiles, they ask about her leg and pratiam asks pankaj to take care of her. Yuvraj smiles seeing yuvaan refusing for methi paranthas as he also doesn’t like likes but sambhav forces yuvan to eat them but yuvaan says he will have it only when suhaani and yuvani will eat and they have it.

Suhani Si Ek Ladki

Yuvraj wants to go but pankaj stops him showing the news of heavy rains and blockage of roads and he stays there but sambhav taunts yuvraj saying I don’t think he will stay as he has imp meeting and yuvraj says that he has no problem in staying there as everyone loves him there. and they both start arguing and sambhav says that he is an orphan and that’s why doesn’t know about family and love then lata asks him not say this coz they are his family and suhaani asks them to stop this and to play a game and lata goes to make food and yuvani asks her not make oily food.

There rags mrnka sees few men calling saumya and they ask him that what he has and he replies that he has oil and saumya ordered it, saumya comes and thanks him and keep that oil near trunk and she goes then they think that she has ordered this to take revenge from them. There yuvan and yuvani fights and suhani stops them, yuvani calls him sadu and pratima says that they went on parents who also used to fight like this and kids asks that who won and just then yuvraaj says suhani and suhani says yuvraj and yuvani asks yuvraj to make some healthy food as if sambhav can make oily food why cant he then sambhav argues again that oily food is tasty and yuvraj says that healthy can also become tasty food and says that he will make healthy samosas and oil free from air fryer. and asks for maida and potatoes from lata but she asks him not to make as she has made everything but he forces her and says that he will make it today and lata tells of tap leakage and sambhav says that he will repair it till yuvraaj makes samosa and suhani smiles.

There dadi asks goon to find maid anyhow and just then bhavna comes and dadi asks her to leave and stops her thinking that if she tells sharad then he will doubt in her and tells bhavna that she is finding the theif who stole jwellery. Rags and menka thinks of plans to rescue if saumya tries to burn them and just then saumya calls them out and rags asks menka not to worry. There sambhav put water in switch board and leaves from kitchen as yuvraaj comes and asks for space. And yuvraaj put samosas in fryer and gets electrocuted by the plug and screams then hearing him suhaani comes and holds him and by touching him she also gets electric shock and they both fall down on the floor and sambhav looks them…….

Precap: we will see sambhav mixes some chits while playing and tells that he has to kiss someone sitting besides him. Then yuvan asks him to kiss suhani and yuvraj looks him……

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